got to visit Ayre yesterday

Wow, what a great bunch of enthusiasts!  Gary, the sales director was so kind and gracious to me.  We spent most of the morning together talking about life as well as audio.  We have so much in common and are the same age.  We have similar taste in audio too, which was really cool.  We spoke about a ton of brands, not just Ayre which was fun.  Just a class act, but that's the common thread there.

I also was lucky enough to meet their main designer. He's been designing there since he graduated college.  Charlie had input, but (forgot his name, sorry) he's been doing the design work since Charlie had his accident.  What a fun guy to talk to.  When he talks, you just listen and try to learn something.  So much was above my head, but he answered all my questions.  It was just cool.

Got to meet Ryan finally.  He's the new CEO and has been there for years and years working along side Charlie (RIP).  He knows his stuff.  If I was to start up an audio company, he's the first call I'd make. I was that impressed with him. We ended up spending the whole afternoon together just talking about audio.  He showed off so much of their gear and some of the new stuff.  That 8 series is really a great value.

I will always buy what my ear tells me to and I am fortunate to know and meet many manufacturer's and dealers around the country.  This group of folks is as good as any.  Like or dislike their products, they are built to be nearly bullet proof, lol.  I was blown away seeing how well constructed their gear is, down to the Codex.  

I just wanted to share what a wonderful experience I had there and what a nice group of folks, who I now consider friends.  
So what speakers were they using?
I do know that some of the manufacturers don't like to share what they use to voice things.  I'm not sure they voice there or at home in their own systems.  I know many who actually do that.  

I will say they had a pair of speakers I may own as well as a high end brand from Japan that they use to check out how repairs are.  

I have to say that 8 series gear is really special. Especially for the cost.
Indeed Ayre is one of the great audio companies. I love that you can upgrade to latest production for a fraction of the cost of new. I am going to get my QB-9 upgraded to “Twenty” status. Ariel Brown has been with Ayre something like 20 years, so still in great hands despite the loss of Charles Hansen. 
Ariel has been doing the major design work for so many of those years and Ryan is a top notch CEO.  Gary has as good a rep as I've heard about in the industry.

Ariel has been there since graduation of college.  Just crazy, lol.
What happened to Micheal Wiedmier (sp?). I was contacting him for the longest time, but he seems to have gone?