got to visit Ayre yesterday

Wow, what a great bunch of enthusiasts!  Gary, the sales director was so kind and gracious to me.  We spent most of the morning together talking about life as well as audio.  We have so much in common and are the same age.  We have similar taste in audio too, which was really cool.  We spoke about a ton of brands, not just Ayre which was fun.  Just a class act, but that's the common thread there.

I also was lucky enough to meet their main designer. He's been designing there since he graduated college.  Charlie had input, but (forgot his name, sorry) he's been doing the design work since Charlie had his accident.  What a fun guy to talk to.  When he talks, you just listen and try to learn something.  So much was above my head, but he answered all my questions.  It was just cool.

Got to meet Ryan finally.  He's the new CEO and has been there for years and years working along side Charlie (RIP).  He knows his stuff.  If I was to start up an audio company, he's the first call I'd make. I was that impressed with him. We ended up spending the whole afternoon together just talking about audio.  He showed off so much of their gear and some of the new stuff.  That 8 series is really a great value.

I will always buy what my ear tells me to and I am fortunate to know and meet many manufacturer's and dealers around the country.  This group of folks is as good as any.  Like or dislike their products, they are built to be nearly bullet proof, lol.  I was blown away seeing how well constructed their gear is, down to the Codex.  

I just wanted to share what a wonderful experience I had there and what a nice group of folks, who I now consider friends.  


Thank You for this report.  Ayre is high on my list for next purchase. I am enthralled with the Twenty Series of components. Earlier this year I purchased a DX-5 universal player that required a new drive/transport after 10 years. Well constructed, designed and superb CD/SACD playback. Gary, at the helm of customer service, is on-point.

Good to learn that Charles Hansen passed on knowledge and wisdom for the next evolution of this Audio manufacturer.

Happy Listening!

I too had a great experience with Gary and Ayre who went through my 15 year old amp and brought new life into it.  All my electronics are Ayre and I'm very happy with their performance and Ayre's fine support.  I'd love to make the visit some in Arizona...not really that far.
Great to see you guys post.  They really are a great group of guys.
Agreed. Nothing but positive experiences. Totally reliable and well built gear.
I know I should have had my KX-R updated to Twenty status, but I held back, despite the upgrade discount.
Even so, it surpassed my wildest dreams of performance.

Great to hear you got to meet the people behind the company.
You should have hit PS Audio while you were in Boulder.  Paul has a really cool new sound room.

PS  Audio is not remotely close in performance, and not in the same galaxy in terms of manufacturing quality.
Ayre, what an awesome group of people. All my equipment is ayre.  I am blown away  by their help and support. Gary is amazing . Ariel the main brain,  has always had solutions to all the problems I have had . Me, being a physician am ignorant, when it comes to electronics but Gary and Ariel have always been patient and helped me . I am hoping one day I get to meet them all. 

I too have been there a couple of times with my C5xe, and they have always been extremely friendly and walked me through the facility. They were going to let me listen to their reference system but first time I was pressed for time and the second time they had a client in there. Had a quick chat with Charlie Hansen, he was quite interesting.  Really super company, I am strongly considering going from my ARC pre amp to one of theirs, but speakers are a priority now.
What a lucky break! :)

Ayre has been among my top 3 solid state equipment providers for a very long time.

I love their diamond output stage used as a headphone amp, it is magnificent.

Rarely do I ever read the entire thread on any topic, and i have never commented on a topic but this topic is one I can relate to.  I too have had a personal experience with Ayre and Gary. Gary is the BEST. Ayre customer service is top shelf and total class all the way. I cannot say enough positive things about the company or Gary. I actually met Gary at  AXPONA 2019 after speaking with him on the phone a year or so prior. Without going into too much detail, Gary resolved an issue with my CX-7 EMP, which still sounds phenomenal. Again their customer service is first rate. Unfortunately for me, now that I am retired , I cannot afford Ayre equipment but the equipment I do have is Excellent and I plan on having it for a long time. I also can attest to the fact that Ayre equipment is indeed "Bullet Proof"!
PS Audio is not remotely close in performance, and not in the same galaxy in terms of manufacturing quality.

So you should avoid visiting them if you're in the same town?  Seems kinda stupid...
Didn’t have the time. I was going to call Paul and set something up. A buddy sells his gear. I’m not too familiar with it other than some digital. 

Im relaxing here with the wife so I had to pick and choose. 
I had a similar experience at YG Acoustics, in northern Denver. I was welcomed with open arms.  A full tour from owner/designer Yoav and an extended visit to their listening room.  Amazing quality in the design and build of the speakers and the sound in the listening room was phenomenal.
Great people at Ayre, Thank you for sharing your experience.

Thanks for the glowing report.  It truly makes me want to check out Ayre products.

Great story and lucky you.

Been sold on Ayre since my ax7e and am fortunate to own the latest EX8 right now.

Have had occasion to call with odd questions a few times and nothing ever seems to be too much trouble.

Great people with great gear.
So what speakers were they using?
I do know that some of the manufacturers don't like to share what they use to voice things.  I'm not sure they voice there or at home in their own systems.  I know many who actually do that.  

I will say they had a pair of speakers I may own as well as a high end brand from Japan that they use to check out how repairs are.  

I have to say that 8 series gear is really special. Especially for the cost.
Indeed Ayre is one of the great audio companies. I love that you can upgrade to latest production for a fraction of the cost of new. I am going to get my QB-9 upgraded to “Twenty” status. Ariel Brown has been with Ayre something like 20 years, so still in great hands despite the loss of Charles Hansen. 
Ariel has been doing the major design work for so many of those years and Ryan is a top notch CEO.  Gary has as good a rep as I've heard about in the industry.

Ariel has been there since graduation of college.  Just crazy, lol.
What happened to Micheal Wiedmier (sp?). I was contacting him for the longest time, but he seems to have gone?
gdnrbob"What happened to Micheal Wiedmier"

Is Gloria his sister or cousin?
Terrific folks at Ayre 
Love their products.
I had a great experience similar to the above. I bought a Rowland amp and was having a problem with it shutting down or something like that( it was 20 years ago) I emailed the company and later that day my phone rang and the caller said Hi it’s Jeff as in Rowland I’m like what the heck!  He diagnosed the problem and asked me to return the amp, which I had had bought used. I sent it, they returned it fixed and payed the return shipping Now that is great customer service and a great person
Rowland is another company that I had great experiences with. (Ayre, Vandersteen, VPI as well) They diagnosed the problem and sent a potted circuit and the tool to install charge. 
@gdnrbob. Michael retired some time ago. Great guy, I always enjoyed speaking with him.
They brought Gary back and he’s the best. Michael is also a great guy. Heard that about Rowland. Another wonderful company. We r all blessed 
Buy USA when able. Ayre, Carver, Bryston.
The only items I own that are not USA made is my Focal Speakers.

Buy USA. 
I forgot about my PS Direct Steam Dac. Awesome product and customer service.

Bryston is Canadian ;). lol...nice stuff though.  There are a ton of US companies.  Krell, Mark L are just two more electronic companies.
You're right! 
Perhaps Bryston is a USA wanna be?

Maybe close to the boarder, lol...ha.....:).