Got to visit Audio Alternatives

Rick is the owner and what a fun guy he is.  He offers a dizzying selection of gear at all price ranges.  He's been doing this since 78 and has knowledge that you can't pay for.  He's a set up genius.  He has Logans, Wilson, Paradigms, Linn, Harbeth and offers the only full Vandersteen system 9 set up.  That's the system I wanted to hear and I have to say that it is probably the best system I've ever heard.  Those added sub nine subs take the 7's to a level that is scary good.  I also loved the Mustang cherry red with gold metallic flake. If I didn't have my Quatro's in Audi Havana Black, I'd get them in this color.  They pop, but the system was sick.  Vandy amps with D'Agastino pre amp and all top AQ cabling and power conditioning.  It was all about setting them up. He gave me some tips and I think I'll have my buddy come over to reset my own system. 

He played some fun music and not 'audiophile' stuff.  He showed me that you can set up a top system in any room if you are careful.  You dont' need expensive devices or pads, just real world stuff on the walls and racks of albums work GREAT to diffuse the sound.  If anyone is looking for gear in the Denver, Wyoming or Nebraska area, Rick's store is a MUST visit as he has a selection and knows what gear sounds best with what.  

I'm so glad that I got to meet him today.  Honest as the day is long and helpful as heck.  
Rick at Audio Alternative is a great dealer for us at Vandersteen.  In fact as our only System NINE flooring dealer we are honored to introduce the new KĒNTO Carbon alongside Rick at RMAF.  We hope to see you there to hear Richard's next creation.  All the best - Brad O'Toole - Global Sales Manager at Vandersteen
Thanks Brad.  I have yet to go to a show in my life, lol.  So excited about the Kento as I've heard about it for so long.  I'm sure it's amazing.  
Heard that the Kēnto really blew folks out of the water.  Told they they will quickly become the go to under 40k for many.  I can't wait to hear them.  Very exciting times.