Got to Hear the Jazz of YesterNow Last Night

Last night I managed to catch Chick Corea's tour with John McLoughlin, Christian McBride, Brian Blade, and Kenny Garret. Wow. Just wow. Chick Corea may well be the most significant jazz pianist out there right now. He moved back and forth between modern-freeform and classical straight ahead without a hitch, and made the two styles blend in single pieces. I have never thoroughly warmed to the modern, but his creativity is just spell-binding.

McLoughlin's guitar playing was sharp, but I just generally don't care for that instrument in the genre very much, with the exception of Wes Montgomery, George Benson, and Django.

As sax players go, Kenny Garret, I would say, is second only to Branford Marsalis. Like Corea, his ability to transition from modern styles to classic was spellbinding. And his stamina, to blow and explore in solos seemed endless.

Christian strummed, plucked, and stroked the bass with a bow. His talents are so broad.

And Brian Blade's drumming just brings phenomenal texture and energy to the music. He opened a piece by McLoughlin, and the piece could well have ended when he finished his opening solo. I confess I had not paid enough attention to his work on the "Directions in Music" collaboration. I have now ordered the two albums he put together with his Fellowship collaboration.

The best part of the evening may been that I am in Nashville, purportedly "Music City," but mostly country music city. The new symphony hall was sold out. It was great to see that many people come out to enjoy this music.

Jazz fans, take heart.
Saw the show in Miami last week. I agree with you on almost everything, except I thought John McLaughlin was the highlight of the evening. Lightning fingers!
Brian Blade was simply amazing. I had heard a lot about him, but seeing is believing . . . phenomenal.
I'm not really into fusion, but this show was spectacular.
I wish they'd come my way. I'm not a big McLaughlin fan but I am a Kenny Garrett fan. I liked Blade's work on New Directions and McBride's work on several recordings. I'd love to hear this show.
I was at the Nashville show as well (visiting from Los Angeles). Beautiful symphony hall!

We had no idea Corea and McLaughlin were performing that evening. We had arrived on Thursday and happened to be staying a block away from the venue. We bought tickets that afternoon at the box office. What a treat. This show would have been sold out months in advance and at double the admission price in LA.

I was amused as a third of the attendees walked out after Corea's challenging "Hymn to Andromeda". Then, another quarter left before the "In a Silent Way" encore. We took advantage and moved closer for the encore, as did dozens others.

A great evening listening to legends.

Agree that Garrett, McBride and Blade were phenomenal!
Oh I am jealous! Sounds like a nice show!

I just looked up the tour date and missed them in my neck of the woods by 3 days...

thanks anyway for the heads up