Got the Speakers, Now what?

I obtained a pair of Klipsch KF28 floor speakers recently, and am now currently tracking down a pair of Technics 1200s.

Other than that I have no idea.

Overhauling our lame stereo in the apartment (mind you, apartment), and finally adding the glory of vinyl after 3+ years of wifely bitching! I'd love some help in figuring out what equipment I should be sure to have... example: does a Technics 1200 TT require a separate pre-amp or amp, if I intend to run a DJ mixer panel between the two tables? And what type of receiver must I be sure to have, be it one with an amp, or without... 7.1 or 5.1 or 2-channel... I have no idea what these things mean, unfortunately.

If anyone cares to toss in some advice, I'd be happy as heck to catch it!
You will need a phono pre or built in stage in the preamp, and a preamp and amp, or integrated amp. Some integrateds have the phono stage, preamp and amp all in one box.
If you have a descent DJ mixer, you'll be fine before you'll have a feel for the upgrade.
My system was evolved from DJ equipment. I still use Pioneer 400 mixer if I need more sources than my current setup has.
Now I connected recently acquired from the estate sales Nakamichi BX2 via this mixer.
TV? Digital Sources?

What are you looking for, besides a new wife?
Are you wanting to play DJ or listen to LPs?