got the HW-19, now need advise on cartridge

I am going to buy a HW-19 III/IV with a Jelco SA-750 10" tonearm. It is way more than what I initially planned, so, I need to go cheap on the phono and cartridge.
For the phono, I am planning to try the DB systems DB8. The only reason is that it is relative cheap and has good comments from others.
What cartridge would you recommend? As said, I have limited budget. I hope I can get something < $300, ideally ~$200. But if it is worth, I can stretch to $300.

Thanks in advance.
$225 Ortofon 2M Blue-easy recommendation.
You might be able to find a used Audio Technica AT150MLX for that budget. Great cartridge. A Shure M97xE is also a safe bet at around $100 or so.
buy used
Thanks. I do some more research, now I have 3 on the list:
1) Grado Gold1 Prestige Series - $220
2) Ortofon Blue - $225
3) Audio Technica AT150MLX - $325

Which do you think would be a better match to the Jelco, HW-19 and DB system? I like warm and dark sounding, and big sound stage. I get fatigue listening to bright sound very easily.

If you like warm go for a Grado!
I have both Grado Prestige Gold and Audio Technica AT150mlx. Very different cartridges.
As said, Grado Gold will be on warm side, but AT150mlx is more bright and detailed.
The Grado may hum (probably will?) on the HW-19 table. I would recommend the Ortofon. I've bought a used cartridge (pricey MC for 1/2 price new) which has turned out to be a great buy but with a used cartridge its definitely buyer beware