Got my Pono

It is still not broken in but I am running it in balanced mode wiht the surf balanced cable, into a pair of sennheiser 650s. I am happy to say I am thrilled and have finally solved my portable music issue. I have hi-res (HD Track downloads on the internal HD and redbook on the miniSD card). The music is dynamic and the soundstage is very distinct (and impressive). Its defiitely loud enough and while the hires sounds pretty incredible, I was shocked at the excellend redbook playback. Definitely rivals my big rig, for 100th the cost! Now I need to figure how to stream tidal off of my smartphone into my Pono. (oh... someone will..)

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It is not priced very high....and should also come down in price after Neil sells out. He really is about the software not the player.

I haven't hear one but I'm sure it sounds good give Ayre ' s involvement. My issue is that there is no digital out and the size and shape.

My Fiio x3...cost less....sounds great for portable use coupled with my Thinksound MS 1 and has digital out. It also plays dsd's and can function as a usb dac and dsd dac.

However if it weren't for Fiio I would probably own a Pono.