Got my Pono

It is still not broken in but I am running it in balanced mode wiht the surf balanced cable, into a pair of sennheiser 650s. I am happy to say I am thrilled and have finally solved my portable music issue. I have hi-res (HD Track downloads on the internal HD and redbook on the miniSD card). The music is dynamic and the soundstage is very distinct (and impressive). Its defiitely loud enough and while the hires sounds pretty incredible, I was shocked at the excellend redbook playback. Definitely rivals my big rig, for 100th the cost! Now I need to figure how to stream tidal off of my smartphone into my Pono. (oh... someone will..)

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I'm glad to read your credible review, Cerrot, as opposed to all the haters posting their results of Pono. They are the generation that believe MP3 is the standard for downloading music.
I have read a couple of A/B comparisons between Pono and ipod and even one where Pono Hirez is compared to Pono MP3 and MP3 was judged superior.

Funny thing about how serious these people are about good audio, all tests were done using earbuds. With the price of Pono, I'm afraid Neil Young is going to have to settle for a niche market.