Got my Pono

It is still not broken in but I am running it in balanced mode wiht the surf balanced cable, into a pair of sennheiser 650s. I am happy to say I am thrilled and have finally solved my portable music issue. I have hi-res (HD Track downloads on the internal HD and redbook on the miniSD card). The music is dynamic and the soundstage is very distinct (and impressive). Its defiitely loud enough and while the hires sounds pretty incredible, I was shocked at the excellend redbook playback. Definitely rivals my big rig, for 100th the cost! Now I need to figure how to stream tidal off of my smartphone into my Pono. (oh... someone will..)

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It does. Sounded awesome out of the box but the player and cable do need breaking in, and it is mentioned on thier website. I ripped a break in CD and am just playing it through a few hours a day.
Ozzy, you can but you can do the same with HDTracks. Pono kind of gives you a version of JRiver 20 as well. Lowrider, thank you. I was scratching my head at a pono review where they liked it, but never tried it in balance mode (kind of like reviewing a Porsche GT and never taking it out of 3rd gear...and telling someone what it drives like). It is still less expensive than the walkman and A&K. Happy pono camper over hear. (here?)