Got my 1st Powercord & liking it, what's next?

Finally took some of your advice and gave the after-market power cord a shot. Bought the Synergistic Research A/C Master Coupler and plugged it into my cdp. As a result, it actually made a difference. The impact was not subtle and I'm keeping it...for now.

Now that I've expericenced what a power cord could do to my system, I started to wonder what my next big thing in the "Power cord hierarchy" should be, of course, within a reasonable budget?

A "beefed up" wall outlet like the PS Audio Port? ($50)
A "beefed up" power strip like a PS Audio Juice Bar? ($100)
(both use combined with my existing A/C coupler power cord)

Or a power conditioner like a PS Audio Ultimate Outlet? ($300)
Or a "beefed up" power cable, like the Synergistic Research REFERENCE A/C coupler? ($350)
Or just go all the way to a power regenerator, like a PS Audio P300? ($685)

And if I decided to upgrade to a conditioner/power regenerator by selling my existing powercord ($150), would I be ok to go back to my stock cable? I'm sure the answer is no for majority of you. But the question is, with all the "cleaning" of the power up front, does the after-market power cord add that much more difference? Just looking for the most bang for the buck, that's all. Any thoughts?

Also, if I decided to go all the way for the power regenerator, would it be ok for me to plug in my Tube integrated amp (at 60wpc ultralinear/27wpc triode, which I use)? Any thoughts?

Any help and advice would be appreciated. I'm sure you guys can relate to this upgrade bug syndrome.

Most bang for the buck-Dedicated outlets in my opinion.

A "beefed up" wall outlet like the PS Audio Port? See if Audiogon member AlbertPorter still has his Cryo Hubble outlets for sale. Just as good if not better(I'm thinking better) and cheaper:$36.00

A "beefed up" power strip like a PS Audio Juice Bar? You can build your own. Find a metal power strip which you can remove the outlets and install your own. I found one which the outlets mated up perfectly. Use Porter Ports of course.

Or a power conditioner like a PS Audio Ultimate Outlet? I dunno, I've got one. I would strongly suggest dedicated lines first.

That's the end of my specific knowledge with the listed products. Some people love the power regenerators, some hate them. I've never used one, a P300 on your amp, my guess is you would blow the P300 up. Check with PS Audio before you purchase it.

Cleaning before/using stock cords: Generally you will gain benefits from using both. I don't think most power cords will really "clean" the power, merely transport the juice "better"

Above all else these things really depend one your source power. If the juice coming out of the wall is great, you will not get as much of an improvement. If the juice is total crap, go to town. How can one tell, easiest method is trial and error.

Good luck,
Dedicated outlets. Could not agree more. They make a huge change in bass and the highs. Video is much better also.