Got it pared down now - Revel, Dunlavy or Genesis?


Thanks to ALL of you for all the helpful insights in my last thread (best speakers for rock/classic rock).

I am waiting to hear from a couple of sellers, and will soon have a new pair of (used) speakers for my system. Here are my choices:

Dunlavy SC-V;
Genesis V;
Revel Ultima Studio.

I am driving them with ARC M300 mkiII tube monoblocks, a BAT VK5i w/ NOS Siemens Falcon 6922s/TungSol 5881s and a (soon to be purchased) Cary 306/200. I listen VERY LOUDLY in a BIG room with glass along half of one wall, berber carpeting and high, sloping ceiling.

So...any comments, likes/dislikes regarding the speakers above in this application?

Thanks (again) - Jeff
Dunlavy closed its doors.

Genesis was dead, now resurrected. As far as I've read they will not do repairs etc. on older models.

Just for this reason, I'd pick Revel.
Hi Jeff,

I've owned both the Dunlavy SC-IV's (which I liked even better than the SC-V's) and the Genesis V's, and heard the Revels on quite a few occasions (and also listen to a ton of classic rock and blues). I was also using a BAT VK-5i as a preamp with the Dunlavys and Genesis for a time. Thus, I'd figure I'd toss in my $0.02.

If you are rating the speakers you listed strictly on sound quality (and taking into account your preference for classic rock), I would rate them as follows:

1. Genesis V
2. Dunlavy SC-V
3. Revel

The Gen V's were better at both macro and micro dynamics, were much better at resolving low level detail, easier to place/tailor bass response on account of the separate subwoofer amp and crossover, did a better job of disapperaing into the room (less cabinet resonance) and much more aestheticlly appealing. The Dunlavy's will be a touch warmer, and be more forgiving of ancillary equipment (although, given your system, I do not think this last point is an issue).

Further, the ARC amps you have match better with the Gen V's (didn't like ARC with the Dunlavy's at all - just one of those things, apparently).

I won't offer too many comments on the Revel, as I really do not like that speaker (however, I do have a great deal of respect for its designer, Kevin Voecks).

While Ikarus makes a valid point re: service, I never had any problems with either the Dunlavy or the Genesis, replacement drivers are readily available, and its not too difficult to find someone who can service them.
I vote with Rzado on the Genesis. I use ARC VT100 MKIII, BAT VK30SE w/my Genesis 500s and the sound is rich, full, detailed on every kind of music I play, from my tuner to my turntable to my SACD player. Genesis and ARC were matched in heaven. Genesis is back in business and replacement parts are not hard to find. I haven't needed any repairs on mine in the 6+ yrs I've owned them.
Turn your music down a little and save your precious hearing, so that when you become old and feeble you are able to still enjoy your music!
These are very different speakers and you should listen. I owned Genesis V and Dunlavy Aletha at the same time. The Genesis are a great speaker. I found the Genesis V to throw a deep and layered stage with tons of ambiance and space, but they have a very diffuse sound that won't appeal to all. I liked them better on classical and jazz than rock, and finally tired of the diffuseness. I replaced them with Talon Khorus.
The Alethas were very good, but not quite (but almost) in the same league, especially regarding dynamics and bass (I imagine the Dunlavy V would be better here than the Alethas) but I did like them (Aletha) better with rock.
I posted a comparison at AudioAsylum that you mighht do a search for.
I was quite impressed with the Revels when I heard them, but not in my system, so I won't comment.
Good luck
I don't there is a real best speaker in this category. All of the speakers you list are great. It comes down to what you like. I have the Revels and love them. I have heard the Dunlavy's and they are very good but really different from the Revels. The only way I can describe the Revels is that I have loved Thiels for years. Cystal clear wonderful group of speakers. Still like them but after I heard the Revels I was hooked. Some similar characteristics, but with a warm and more robust soundstage. I have heard them with many different amps and they held up well. Listen to all of these before buying.
I have a pair of Genesis V will part with. Wife says house is coming apart. Genesis is back up, I just got a part from them no problem. My granddaughter hit one of the mid range drivers. I will sell at a bargain if you can pick up in Atlanta. thanks, ken
rzado could you explain why you like the Dunlavy IV better than the V ? having much preferred the V over the IV in my room previously I am trying to figure out why you would prefer the IV? for classic rock music its possible for a speaker to have too resolution which the Genesis could definitely provide too much of due to the ribbon drivers, I would personally choose the Dunlavy V has the right amount of resolution and very good bass response and definition and large rooms and loud volume is not a problem.
You must not have auditioned the VMPS RM40s....

They are in that category. They might have changed the outcome.

All the best,