Got Glas Platz?

Heard of these?

Glass speakers made by Glas Platz. They use "NXT" technology to excite the sheet of glass in order to create sound.
They are suspended in the air by 2 stainless steel cables which the signal runs across.

the frequency response kinda resembles BOSE 200hz - 10,000hz.
That is dependant on which speaker, thier larger model goes from 55hz to 15,000hz.

They look very expencive, im not sure the actual price in USD, but in pounds they run from 1,500.00 to 2,600.00

Run a search in the internet for GLAS PLATZ and you will find some information, but most of it is not in english, as the company is based out of Denmark

I kinda get a band & Olafsen impression of these. Aparrently they are somehwat laid back.

has anybody ever heard these?

I doubt i would ever fork out that much cash for a speaker that cant go above 15,000hz, unless i won the lotto, then i'd get some just for the hell of it.
Im kind of curious as to how they really sound.

anyone ever heard these?

definatly look very slick, very modern.
Hey Slappy if they only go to 15khZ and you like them here's something to think about. You've been pretty creative lately you could try to employ seamlessly a tweeter of some sort. Design a simple crossover with one maybe two components and a very fast and laid back tweeter(you could always make it laid back with the crossover's- however that usually means slowing things down). Maybe its a dream but its something that may be worth exploring.
yeah... first i have to find out how this evil technology works before i could use it for my own needs. hahahaha
Hey Slappy,
Get em. If they sound bad you could always use them for windows when you move into your new digs. Tell the neighbors that these are the latest in temperature and light sensing window technology, with the add on bonus of playing music too...