Got Boots!

Not sure how many folks (pun intended) are fans of Gillian Welch and David Rawlings. Their label (Acony Records) has been slowly releasing their back catalogue on vinyl. Some nice mastering, pressings, and packaging. I have "Soul Journey" (my favorite) and "Harrow and the Harvest" (the latest) as well as a David Rawlings and the Machine (side project). All worth having in your collection if you like the dark, hill country sound. My understanding is that Welch's entire back catalogue will eventually be released on LP ("Revivial", "Hell Among the Yearlings", "Time: The Revelator" etc). After a long wait "Boots Volume 2: The Lost Songs" arrived at my doorstep yesterday. Haven't had time to listen yet but this set of unreleased recordings is housed in a fine looking box and includes a wonderful insert booklet with quality paper stock, photos, lyrics and chord progressions. The pressings look typical of Acony's other efforts. Should be a nice spin!