Got big amp-help with 20A line and receptacle

So, I just purchased a Krell FPB 400cx, which I'm told requires a dedicated 20 amp line. Yes, I have read some Agon threads on running dedicated lines, as well as 20 amp receptacles. But they are mostly several years old and I am interested in some current basic recommendations.

I am not looking for the most expensive or esoteric setup, but do want to do it as best I can. The receptacle location is in the family room, which I estimate will require about 50-60 feet of cable from the breaker box in the garage.

So, at first all I knew was that I would be running a new line from the breaker box and that it would be grounded there. But some posters here and elsewhere stated that I should have an isolated ground installed outside the house and at least 6 feet from the existing ground. There were also suggestions around exactly which location IN the breaker box to place the new line and breaker.

We do have three refrigerators here, one in the kitchen, one in the utility room, and another in the garage. Of course, we we have all the other typical appliances in the house. One good thing is that, in my current setup with no dedicated lines, I don't hear any noise through the speakers unless I use the dimmer in the family room. So, maybe the power in the house is pretty decent.

With regard to receptacles, I've read various comments about the different brands, as well as the various effects of gold, rhodium, or other plating. To start with, I would like to try the most neutral sound I can get.

I did speak with two electricians today, and neither seemed to have much familiarity with the considerations for audio quality that I mentioned to them. Therefore, I would like some input on what to ask of them. If I am making this too complicated and harder than it needs to be, I'd like to know that as well. I would really appreciate any tips and input!

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Hi Mtrot, I have a modded new Krell 700cx stereo amp, currently, I am useing a 20amp circuit breaker, In the next two or three weeks, I am installing a single pole 30 amp breaker when I install my Furutech GTX-D Gold recepticle, I have a 10awg 3/1 romex cable that is 65 feet or longer I installed my self!, I use the ground in my inside house breaker box, this is code!, a dedicated ground WILL sound better, however, do not do a dedicated ground, your breakers will NOT flip when you have a surge, or ect..., your amp does NOT need a 30 amp breaker!, 20 amp beaker is perfect for your 400cx amp, my info comes from krell them selfs, they want me to use a 30 amp single pole breaker so that my amp will run smoother, less heat, draw more current on demand, my sound stage will sound bigger and taller, and everything else, remember, all this is what krell swears too, they run my amp and the 750mcx amps on a 30 amp breaker thier at the factory, also, Do NOT run anything else on the same breaker-circuit as your amp!, Big no,no!, your amp draws way to much current to do so, I know, I have made that mistake, it was quite funny actually when I attempted to do so, any way, reply back to me when you can if you have questions, cheers.
Mtrot, please re-read my post, do exactly as I said here for best results, does not matter what the last owner has said, I have owned Krell FPB amps since 1998 and still have one now!, you will get best results with a dedicated line, 10 awg 3/1 romex electrical cable and 20 amp circuit breaker, you cannot go wrong, call krell, they know me, and agree with me, why, this is what they have told me, cheers, keep me posted as to what you decide to do, Happy listening.
Thankyou Jea48, You are correct, however, useing the 30 amp breaker on my 10 awg 3/1 romex cable will allow for more current with a furutech GTX-D recepticle, although the recepticle is 20 amps, it is overly built and will with stand a 30 amp load!,my amp will never continously play at these amps, we both know that, but krell said that my amp will spike over the 20 amps quite often, thus useing the 30 amp breaker will allow me to get more current, I can tell you for fact from exsperience that when I owned a Krell FPB 200 amp years ago, I pluged it into the house wireing recepticle, talking about a laughing matter, the amp litterally blew light bulbs and dimmed the others in a apartment I use to live at, when I installed the correct circuit, and back then I had a dedicated ground, all was well and sounded alot better, thanks for the info you posted, I enjoy learning all I can from you and others,BTW, My current 20 amp set-up does trip from time to time, mostly when I am breaking in some audio equipment or cables,that is very strange,, Jea48, also I have talked to many FPB 600 owners here on audiogon over the past couple of years that did the 30 amp breaker, their findings were the same as krell specified to me about the out come of doing so, cheers.
Jea, My amp can be accomidated to run 220!, it's their at the krell factory now!, I do not understand what you are saying, your facts are based in general, not my particular amp!, I know my amp very well, and I know what I am doing, I did all my electrical here, works with no issues at all, I will give my impressions when I am done with what I will do, read and learn what is possible from a Krell 700cx or 750mcx amplifier, I am sorry to come across so direct, when having the factory and many users tell me what i am doing is correct, it feels right for me to do what is said, cheers.
whatever!, I am doing electrical code!, nothing more or different!, I trust krell to accomidate my amp to code and to run smoother, many, many, users have revealed the same, really?, I care less what you want to dispute!, I am a builder!, over 30 years exsperience!, what may work for one given componet may not work for the next!
Golf dude, you do what you want, and I will certainly do the same!, BYE!
I agree with Minorl, all my electrical is exactly as he specified in his post, code!
great humor ozzy, I got a good laugh.
Hi Jea48, I would like your opinion of fact here please, question, although it may be a dumb question to many, I have been unpluging my equipment since 2012 when I am not listening to my system, whether the wheather is good or bad to protect my investment, I am tired of doing this!, will flipping my circuit breaker to each componet to off stop any power surges or lighting if I was not at home from getting to my equipment?, I have extreme High-end outlets and power cords that really has to re-settle a few hours from moving things around, and I do not want to wear out these very exspensive outlets I just bought and have not started burn-in process yet,just seems in my mind lighting could still get to my equipment with circuit breakers off? Thankyou in advance.