Got any of your dream system yet?

If you suddenly had enough money to build your dream system, would anything you own now be part of that system?

As you can see from my system, none of it would survive.
i think my cables (chord signature) would survive, maybe my preamp, check my system
also, i love my sonic frontiers amp and that would probably be a keeper, if i do not go to much higher efficiency speakers (which im planning on doing) when i do that I'll probably check out the mactone gear.
I would keep the Caravelle speakers, Velodyne DD-15 sub and BPT 3.5 Signature balanced conditioner.
speakers would stay definitely. the interconnects probably also. Amplifiers more than likely also unless lottery ticket hits someday.
It would all go and would buy MeJames's system.
Mejames, any time you want to toss out your "non-dream" components, feel free to ship them directly to me.
If I had enough money for my dream system...not only would every component go...but so would the listening room (house)
Most of what I have would stay, but I sure would want a house with a music room built from scratch, no compromises.
Everything stays except room.
i would start by setting FIRE to everything i own then i would go after slappy's "crapper" of a system.

If I got the money to buy my DREAM system?

Every last miserable stinking piece of steaming crap i own would be thrown out on the lawn, then i'd run over it in my brand new riding mower as i chug 40's of St. Ides, singing "Hells Bells"

I would probably then take the obliterated mass, dump it all in my toilet, go to the filthiest mexican restaraunt i can find and eat 10 bean burritos off the bathroom floor and follow it by 2 gallons of rotten sour-kraut, wait 2 hours, come back to the toilet full of the shredded remains of my system, sit down, grab the handrail, bite my lip and and unleash the largest single migration of boneless browns in recorded history and wouldnt stop untill all the biblical plagues combined paled in comparison.

When i finally collapse from dehydration and pure exhaustion i would finally feel like i gave my system the treatment it deserves.

Then i would go hit some high end retailers and spend some cash.

I think that is what i would do.

God i hope the moderators allow this post.
I'm a bit happier with my system than Slappy is with his ;-) My digital front end would be out the window. Most of the cables and pc's would be replaced (no reason to replace the preamp to amp bnc 75ohm cabling). The line conditioning would go and be totally overhauled as would the dedicated lines (I'd go with the transformer from the mains). I'd keep the turntable setup, the preamps, the amp and the speakers. However, I'd get a second or third system if I hit the lottery.
I think I'd keep the universal least until I got the rest of the system and heard it in that, at which point I likely would upgrade that as well.
i think id keep my stax headphone amp and scout turntable,and my discovery nos ics ,,my brother would get everything else,

The only thing that would survive would be my modded Jolida CDP along with my TG SLVR PC. The rest of my system would be consumed in the firey blast by Zeus' almighty thunder bolt.

None of it would survive, but all of my music would. Just one problem.... I more or less own the system I dreamed of years ago. So if I would buy the system I dream of now, how will I feel in a couple of years? Sigh...... maybe it's better if Zeus' firey thunder bolt would consume me, and gave my system to the poor and needy.
Slappy, I can't believe you would give up those radio shacker speakers.
Yep. Everything stays but the preamp and the rack, and even those will be fixed soon. But as Satch says, tomorrow's dreams bear little resemblance to today's, so who knows what shiny bits I'll covet in a year or two...
Definitely keeping the Audible Illusions Modulus 3A. And I'll keep my Dahlquist DQ-10's - even though they're packed away in the dining room now since I've gotten my Acoustat 3's. (Thanks Chris and Don ala' Elgordo). The DQ-10's are too good to just give up And I feel like rebuilding them from scratch with a transmission-line woofer cabinet.
Slappy, no need to eat 10 bean burritos off the floor. Just go to 7-11 or tell me what highway you're close to & I'll recommend a truck stop diner that can fix you up.
I would write a check to GTT audio.
I would keep my amp. The rest would go. Maybe I'd give it to Slappy if he wanted it. What are the odds of both of our ships coming in at the same time?

Another good question might be, do you know what you'd buy if you had the chance to get it, or would you be starting from scratch?
I have the answer to that one. ;)
I have learned that I could never predict what I keep for a long time. It largely depends on where new breakthrough equipment comes from. My Mana stands and my Omega Mikro pcs have been around longest.
If money was not an issue, I would still have the same transport and DAC. I would also have the same brand of IC and speaker cables just a wee bit further up the line. Other then that everything else would be gone or used in a second or third system :)
definitely cryo your cd's - I am amazed at the improvement in dynamics, smoothness, detail, air around instruments, etc. And your whole system benefits.

VAC PHI - with caravelle speakers will be kept for awhile for sure - no burning desire to upgrade at all.
If I suddenly had the money? I'd give the preamp a shot at staying in the new system and see how it stacks up. I think the Gyro would stay but I'd upgrade the motor, PSU, arm, cart, and might try out the "unsprung" mod because I would opt for some serious isolation platforms for the whole system. Everything else would go to a bedroom system in favor of new stuff and I'd go hog frickin' wild upgrading the speakers and cables :p Not to mention buying a shite TON of new music!

Of course I would have the room redesigned and rebuilt and it would sound incredible. I still can't believe some of the people that will put a zillion dollar system in an untreated room, it's no wonder they're always upgrading!

And of course balanced isolated power on a dedicated circuit, though I plan on doing this when I have a house, anyway.

Fun thread, I'll try not to get depressed thinking about what I *could* have ;) Who knows, I could get lucky. Then again, I'm only 23--I could start saving now, LOL.
If my daddy took me to Disneyland I would clean up my room for a whole year.