Got an itch to buy some new stand mount speakeras

Room with hardwood floors 22 x 18, opens to dining room on one side front hallway on the other. Amplification varies, currently a vintage Rotel  1060 integrated 60 per side. May upgrade as well. Moderate sound level, rarely go real loud.

Budget (used is fine) I'd like to keep it under $750 or so.

I tend to like what I call 'lively ' speakers e.g. my vintage DCM and my much missed Kan 2s. Tried JBL L1s and HLS 610s..meh.  May have been the capacitora in the 610s. Dali's sounded too thin Omegas rolled off top end too much.

Any ideas? Source is CD

 Thank you.




Could get some used JBL monitors.  Ikea makes a stand that they rest on perfectly, almost like someone at Ikea has a set.  I had a pair of 4312's, gave to my son, missed the sound and picked up a pair of 4311's.  Same JBL/California sound.  Used market on these used to be $500 and still out there for that with heavy shopping but mostly going to $1k.  Also, you mentioned the Linn sound, those are available on the used market at better pricing than the JBL's, typically.  I picked up a pair of the Kan's that are the LS35A model for $400 and they sound wonderful.  They don't have as much bass as the later Kan's but the mid-range is phenom.  If you shop really hard, you can pick up a pair of Sonus Faber Concertino's in your price range, may have to go a wee bit more.  I hear these love lots of power.  I don't know that your Rotel would have enough horses under the hood.  Had some B&W's but wouldn't recommend just because of their "customer care".  Another one that I love the sound of is Blumenstein.  I got some thrashers, very efficient and wonderful sound.  I believe they have since raised their pricing.  Good luck and happy listening. 

Thank you. Saw a pair of blumenstein Orcas? on sale here about a year ago, should have picked them up.

I would recommend Revel.  The Concerta2 M16 is $900 new, and Crutchfield often has demo/open box specials around your price point.  They have a very nice top to bottom balance with an excellent, clear treble without harshness.  If you don't play loud, your 60wpc should be fine.  

I also like the Elac Debut Reference DBR 62, but it might need a bit more power than you currently have.  They are warmer than the Revels and seem to have deeper bass.  

Of course, you'll get different suggestions from everyone.  Hope you find something you like!

Cheers, Scott

I’ve come to have a lot of respect for Ascend. Well run, sell direct company. I'm currently testing out the same RAAL tweeter on some Ascend towers, and so far I like the air, clarity, but no metal tweeter brightness.

Given you budget, I hesitated to share this’s a used speaker that might fit the bill and you might negotiate the price down a bit:


Ascend is interesting..Specific ad show local pickup only but I’d like to audition locally, perhaps I can. ANY British bookshelf come to mnd along Kan lines without dropped off high end?

As far as British speakers, the Quad S1 and S2 have a fantastic top end (ribbon tweeter).  There is an add for a new Quad S2 for $750 right now.  That's a fantastic price (they are usually $1200 new, I think).  It's a wonderful, clear, engaging speaker.