Got a BAT VK-225se ... Holy Moly!

So, yesterday I took delivery of a BAT VK-225se power amp, and all I can say is WOW! It’s like having an entirely new system, not a mere component upgrade. Bass slam, grip, and control are simply astounding, and soundstaging has a great deal of three dimensionality. I’m hearing lots of detail, and have never heard my rig sound so good. Instruments sound more real than I had heard in my rig previously. The amp it replaces is a Musical Fidelity A300cr with more wattage (225 wpc, dual mono), yet the VK-225se blows it away completely. I had never before run balanced between my VK-3i and a power amp, but it really makes a huge difference. I am really digging my system more than ever, and I never thought that a power amp could have such a positive effect.
Brand matching can’t be better.....I have an all Ayre system and have confidence my system is at its optimum too
@stereo-one ... I think any bass bloom with the VK-225SE is due to having matched the amp with a SS preamp. I have never had luck matching SS with SS. In my case, I have an older VK-3i tube based preamp which works very well with the SS power amp. Also, you may want to check on your room treatments. If the room is untreated, then call GIK Acoustics for an opinion as to how to treat yours. If the room is treated currently, then you may be sucking up too much bass ... so, start to remove some treatments incrementally and that may help. As to the noise, that was an issue with hash on my house lines, which was remedied by the Emotiva CMX-2, and I suggest you try one if you don’t have a dedicated line.

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Also for me Holy Moly BAT , I ; m using 2 x BAT VK1000 for biamp drive the B & W 800N , preamp Audio Research REF 3 .What can I wish more