Got a 24/96 DAC & Anti-Jitter USB for PC now what?

Purchased a Pop Pulse UII USB DAC/Transport that converts USB to Coax, Optical and Balanced digital output or Analog RCA left and right. It eliminates jitter and perfects the digital signal before sending it to a DA converter. It can also be used as a USB 24/192 upsampling DAC with analog left and right outputs.

I have a MSB Link III and want to use both to hopefully create a more analog digital experience but there are so many options in regards to which format to use to get the highest resolution. Some help and an explanation as to why would be greatly appreciated.
Your next decision is Apple or PC. If you you choose PC you will need to make software decisions (playback, rippers, data base mgt., etc.) whereas Apple will be much more straight forward with Itunes.

I haven't personally AB'd the two formats but the conclusion I came up with from talking to people I trust and reading countless forums is that the sonic difference betwean the two is a wash.

FWIW, I chose to go with Apple in the form of a Mac Mini, due to ease of use and compatibilty with Ipods and Iphones. The Iphone remote is simply a pleasure.

Once you get past a few of these decisions you are in for a treat. I have my system in my living room so we listen to music in diferent ways (background, holiday, entertainment, and in an audiophile context). A computer based server is fantastic in all these environments.