Gorilla IC and SP Cables

Anyone heard Gorilla Speakers cable and IC, particularly thier premium silver one? Looks looks good value. They are in the Home Page advertisers section of a'gon.
The Guerrilla Silver Interconnect is a very musical interconnect that sounds natural, airy, detailed and transparent. Bass is clean and controlled, but some may consider it lean. The silver does not make the sound bright either, but rather delivered great sound while being quite neutral. I bought a pair 3 weeks ago, let it run with music for 100 hours, and now enjoy it very much.

At $119 per pair, these cables are one of the most pleasant surprises (at least for me) in high end audio.
I'm using them with my GMA Europa's. Very happy with them
Thanks for the feedback on the IC's. Has anyone tried thier speaker cables? They are a good bit more expensive. Biwiring will set me back about a grand.