Google Nest WiFi

Based on recommendations here, I installed the Google Nest WiFi system. I have the router and two points and it works great. My router is located too far away from my stereo system to allow a wired connection to my streamer. The points do not have an ethernet connection, the router does.

My question: If I buy another nest router can I connect it wirelessly to my network

and use that to make a wired connection to my streamer. Has anyone done this?

I have not had much luck researching this online.



I must have the older one as it has and Ethernet out. I definitely get less dropouts connecting the Bluesound Node via Ethernet to the google. Sound quality I’m not sure. 

@jerrybj Before I got the Nest, I used an

extender wired to the streamer. It work 




Did you add anything to clean up the sound?

Network switch, or anything else?

No, just the extender. At that time I had an AT&T modem.