Goof High-Efficiency bookslef speakers


I just ordered Dennis Had (formerly of Cary Audio) single ended (807 tube) amplifier - 9 watts per channel.

Here, I am interested in intimate small scale music e.g. female vocals and I need to match this amplifier with appropriate speakers. Sound can be "a touch" euphonic

I have no experience with high-efficiency speakers and I would appreciate good advice in that regard

I am looking for very accurate detailed reproduction of SE amp signal. Can err on warm side but not clinical! Bookshelf, Retail: $1k - $2k, its 2nd system

Thank you

Reference 3A de Capo's....just what the doctor ordered! No crossover, full-range main driver, efficient, easy load for a small SET amp, sound fantastic and hold their value in the long run. Please check your are not actually looking for a "Goof bookslef" speaker are you?
Zu Audio Tone or Omen Bookshelf ... large for a monitor but would work well with the Cary
I apologize for my spelling and many thanks for your advices

The size of the listening room (including the ceiling height) is important info if you desire well informed suggestions.
Dimension of my listening room are: 10' x 15' x 8'
Thank you
Second on the de capos

Running them with a 4 wpc Decware mini torii and plenty loud in a 12 x 22 open room
At $2500 the Sonist Concerto 2's aren't far from budget. 95 dB with a 8" woofer and Fountek ribbon.
3rd Reference 3A De Capo's; don't own them myself, but several friends do, and they are a great match with Dennis Had products. I own Cary and I almost bid on that amp.
Good used De Capos run around 900-1300 depending on finish and condition.
Thanks to all for their kind advises. I bought a pair of new De Capo. Tash told tnat new design is even better then all older which received so many acolades.

Simon, please let us know your thoughts on the De Capo's once you've settled in with them for awhile. Congratulations.
What amp are you using exactly with de capo's
You need 100-150hrs break in time at least.
" What amp are you using exactly with de capo's"

I bought (but did not used it yet - as my main speakers are extremely power hungry - so I wait until I will get my De Capo) Dennis Had's (formerly of Cary) single ended "807" amplifier.

I tried this amp with my speakers only once. I used the "softest" music I know - Pergolesi "Stabat Mater" with volume control at maximum position and sound appeared in the amount enough to enjoy it. Strangly, it was identical (for my ears, of course) to the sound of my system with my own two very powerful transistorSpectron monoblocks. I am not trying to say that our monoblocks sound as sweet as single ended tube amplifier (incidently other said so - see on-line owners reviuew) but I know what I heard too.

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