Goodwill music giveaways...almost.

No, they're not actually giving it away, but nearly. I moved to AZ ten years ago, and it seems that we have many more Goodwill stores than some other states. In the time that I have lived here, many new stores have been built in the Phoenix region so that I have about ten that I regularly go to in a radius of as many miles.
Anyway, they all carry records and CD's, but of course more CD's. Their pricing policy for years was $1.99 for a CD, but then about three years ago they raised the price to $2.29. I guess that didn't go over very well because it didn't last very long. When that ended, all CD's except for doubles and box sets became $.99. I frequently buy 2 CD classical titles because the person pricing them doesn't realize that it's 2 CD'S in a single case.
Depending on the age and income profile of the neighborhood that the store is in, the selection of CD's varies. One particular one that I go to is in a retirement community, and it is a rich source for mint condition major label/artist classical titles.
Over the last two years, I have collected nearly 300 CD's from this and other Goodwills, the majority in mint condition, and yesterday I bought 12 classical CD'S for $.66 each, because they were 30% off! (unannounced sale)
Have any other members here been having this amazing experience with Goodwill? It sometimes seems too good to be true. I come home from the store, and look up a classical or jazz CD that I've just bought on Amazon to see reviews, and find out that what I just bought for .99 costs anywhere from $12.00 to $30.00, and some are out of print.
I know it's the age of streaming, but I'm still happy to be using  CD's, especially at these prices.   

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Mentioned this in the Motown posts. 
 Goodwill is great for records or CDs.
I can walk out with a grand handful for under 50$  
The worst part is getting them(one, a box of unscented baby wipes, and cleaning all the records.
Cleaning the outside of the jewel case, but especially removing those pesky price labels isn't fun, but it's still well worth it!
The prices are alot better than on long island Thrift there like 6.99-7.99 now crazy....if you catch them on the color labels day you get 50% off....and on Thursday you get 30% for being a Senior....yeah baby....80% off....
Anyone I've ever visited, most of the cases are empty, the good ones anyway, because people steal them. It's really a shame because it's for a good cause. If they kept them in the front of the store it would probably happen less, but of course they keep them in the back where no one is watching.