Found a website which is signed with Romy the Cat.
Haven't read all, but who is he?
What's your opinion about that?
What's the matter, Thomasheisig, does he have more arms than you :^)
I know Romy well. He's very passionate about his music.

I'm glad to call him a friend.


Paul :-)
indeed the website "goodsoundclub" exists for a while. it is Romy The Cat's own website where he can say anything he wants to & in whatever language he wants to.
He used to be a member here on A'gon & on AA but his outspoken language got him in big trouble. Many of his posts were removed & finally he was asked to leave. Too bad!
Romy the Cat is passionate about his music but he is also highly opiniated. This rather strong opinion must be coming from somewhere - perhaps his own experiences in audio playback?
Romy The Cat also seems to be disgusted w/ the way that the audio industry has deteriorated & seems to be pandering to the lowest common denominator & he feels that audio manuf have stopped making gear for the love of audio playback; rather, solely for-profit.
There's a lot more on that website & you can read it for yourself.
His English is bad but reading it 2-3 times makes the meaning apparent.
A lot of it makes sense, another lot is his opinions based on his experience & the reader should assimilate what he/she feels is right for them & there's still more stuff that is verbage borne out of frustration from the US audio industry (esp his CES 2006 report!). Romy The Cat calls a spade, a spade on his website & does not mince words!
Enjoy the reading!
Romy has a very unique perspective on audio. Take it or leave it. He is however very passionate about music and how he feels it should be reproduced. I have found him very refreshing in a world of sychophants.
The number of Arm is not the problem for me, I know a few, who own more. Specially Raul is a remarkable collector who comes into my mind.
I just found this site while surfing and there is quite a lot to read. The only other site I know, is the one from Arthur Salvatore. It was only a question, I have no negative point of view about that.
Agree that Romy the Cat was an interesting fellow.
His history with AA and the goN' are as described.
I always found his writing to be very interesting, and often informative.
He is cool. His use of english borders on poetry.
I'm a HUGE fan of Romy The Cat's website.

Personally, I found his theory on DPOLS (Dead Points Of Live Sound) regarding loudspeaker position interesting enough to give it a shot myself. The end result went far beyond my expectations. It proved to me that loudspeaker positioning (the speaker - room interface, actually) is one of the most signficant links in the audio chain.

Briefly, there is a tremendously narrow window where improvements shift from the linear to the geometric. As such, spending the time and effort to move your speakers around, and assess the impact - either positive or negative will guide you towards benefits that go beyond what one would believe before trying it. After trying to digest it, I saw analogies with focusing a pair of binoculars and similar things, and it all made perfect sense.

The Goodsoundclub is a scarily fun and insightful website. Of course, for those who revel in the pretense of high end audio, their blood must boil. I have a tremendous amount of respect for anyone who puts so much of himself into advancing the hobby, especially, when no monetary reward is involved.

Yes, surely he's a guy who is opinionated, controversial, and goes against the grain. Thank goodness! Exactly the type of voice which is most needed in high end audio.
I love Romy's *AUDIO DEMORONIZATOR* it's insanely hilarious !!