Goodmans Speakers

Does anyone know anything about Goodmans of England Audiom 852 woofers? I found a pair of them together with a matching pair of Goodmans Midax 100 horns. I have searched high and low on the www and have found no information whatsoever on these woofers. They have very low serial numbers so I expect the production run was not long.

These must be the heaviest 12 inch drivers I have ever lifted! They are rated at 45 British watts RMS.

Back in the 1950s when I started building speaker systems there were two lines of British drivers that were considered to be best...Wharfedale and Goodmans. Of course there were also Tanoy, Bozac, and some others, but they were not that common. I had an 8" Wharfedale and a 8" Goodmans. I prefered the had a flannel cloth surround and a very low free air resonance.
Rudy B. is undoubtly turning over in his grave [ I assume he has passed on] to be called British. British watts are the same as American ones, they just tended not to lie as much as some over here. I have some old books if I can find them and will try to get you some info.
I have found an 1968/9 British HIFI Yearbook but they were made after that time. An Audiom 81 is listed then but it was a 15" woofer. Also a Midax 650 is listed. So I would guess that they were made sometime in the 70s. I have had Yearbooks from other years but they quit publishing the book sometime around then so I may not have them for the relevant period. The best thing would be to go to the HIFI Wigwam, which despite its name is a British forum and post an inquiry there. Sorry not to be more help. Stan
Thanks for the helpful replies. They really are quite a rare speaker. I'll keep searching.