Goodmans 212 Triaxiom

Hi new to board
Anybody familar to these drivers? Picked up a mint pair for $300.00Can ($200US) But need encloser design or sugessions. Ran one with a MC30 using a cardboard box (couldn't wait to listen). Sounds better than my Paradigm 40v2's and Tannoy 10" Golds. Thanks
Not that much discussion about old goodmans but these are sites I would suggest. I had a pair of Axiom 80 but am not familair with the 212 Triaxiom.

I've seen a fair amount of convesatioin about Goodmans at: Single driver forum

and www.audioasylum Effeciency forum

Dr. John's cheap tube audio Forum


Good Luck.
put them in 2 closed boxes with a capacity from 110 liters (european)and you will have the best sound ever heard.

I have used them in the 70 and 80 s and they did all I expected.

profs from these days called them real good loudspeakers.
I have a 1963 Goodmans brochure with diferent enclosure designs for the 12" Triaxiom. If you were interested, please, send me your address and I'd be happy to mail you a photocopy.

My dad also owns a pair of Goodmans Axiom, but they haven't been used for years as I bought them a pair of SF Cremona. Those Axiom edges have rotten over the years from humidity and heat, cones are also not in their top shape. Worth rebuilding? My dad insists those old Goodmans are as good as any modern offering, but I have never heard them properly setup and driven so can't comment on the sound.

Alvaro, do you have enclosure designs for other Goodmans drivers?
I have the 212's with ARU's in a wide but shallow DIY cabinet. EXTREMELY efficient and they sound FANTASTIC with Dynaco, Marantz 8b, Counterpoint 100, and 300b SE. Better midrange than my Altec 604 and Nineteen. You will be shocked at how good they sound with low powered amps.