Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Remaster/SACD?

Has anyone heard this new, deluxe remaster? It is a hybrid CD/SACD with Bonus cuts which was released about a month ago. It is tempting but I've been burned before?
I have both the MOFI and original is the new remaster an improvement?
I have never been real impressed with MFSL releases. They play with the EQ too much. I do have the MFSL issue of GYBR LPs though. I bought the SACD soon after is was released and I have been impressed with it. As SACD continues to get better they sound more and more like vinyl.

I don't know that the bonus tracks are anything special, but the DVD is interesting. There are some interviews during the recording and the remastering that are insightful. It's not as if the SACD set is all that expensive. I would recommmend getting the new issue. I would be surprised if you were disappointed. BWDIK!
what's BWDIK?
"But What Do I Know?"
I am a little new to many of these when I encounter them I just cut/copy and enter it into the google/or other search engine line.