Goodbye CD's

Seems that Borders by me is unloading all their cd's..They claim they are just not selling...Im sure this is just the beginning of the end in the retail stores for cd's...can it long before cd's are gone completely? Many Ive spoken with including some dealers have mentioned this and said "the writing is on the wall" for cd playback..

I have been on the fence about going to a file data system for music, and have been eyeing a Squeezebox duet and setting up my hard drive to take the plunge..maybe now its that time??

Or..maybe just Im just a geezer in my heart of hearts and should just look for old and new Vinyl to keep me going...hmmm..I could be very happy with a mainly vinyl set up ;-)
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I haven't bought a CD in a physical store for quite some time, so I can't say I'm surprised. My listening is 95% classical, and there are no stores near me that have ever had a selection that went past "Best 50 Romantic Classical Hits of All Time" and Beethoven anthologies from the god-awful early days of digital. H&B has been my sole source of music for years.