Good Y Cables?

Hi Folks, Please forgive me if this topic has been covered before. I searched the Archives, but could find anything on this topic.

I would like to purchase a very good pair of Y-Cables,m with good quality RCA's, yet am not looking for cables with a price that will make a grown man cry.

Can any suggest something of very good quality, with a reasonable price? (Let's say "preferably" under $100 a pair?) TIA Mark
If this is good enough, you can get decent ones made by Monster Cable and Accoustic Research (AR) at places like Best Buy; or online at places like below.

Below is a Y-Adapter that's not a cable. It's a straight adapter that might have least affect on the signal.
I am assuming you want RCA's all around, not a pair of RCA's at one end and a miniplug at the other end.

I have been looking at cables myself over the last week or two at local high end stores and at Best Buy etc. I would second what Sugarbrie says. In fact, I have not even been able to find Y-cables other than Monster, AR, Pure AV (From the Sony Store), Philips, or in house brands like those at Radio Shack. So the good news is that you don't have to spend a lot of money because there doesn't appear to be any expensive Y-cables to begin with! For the cables I saw, the Monsters seemed to have the best RCA's. I think I would just go with the adaptor that Sugarbrie provides the link for. Then you can use your own favourite interconnects.
You can also get many of those at Parts Express (google it... sorry).
Many cable companies will build Y-cables to suit your needs. Contact your dealer or call your cable manufacture direct and see what they can do. This way you can match them with the cables you are using.

The solid block Y-adapters are another good solution. Audioquest and Monster make these. There may be others?

Try DH-Labs, Parts Connexion and Needle doctor.
Cobalt Cables. $22.50

Sorry to make you copy and paste the link, but it's too early. I recently used these with XLR terminations for bi-amping.

No affiliation with them, just happy with their product and the adapters showed up quick.

Best of luck,

Sugarbrie has it right, I just bought two pair of Monster cable Y's, one male and two female. They are made well and look good. The cobalt cables Dan mentioned look good too and the price is fair.