good xlr cable

Im looking for a good xlr cable to go from preamp (krell krc-2) to amp (Parasound HCA-2200 II) Any suggestions?
I'm running MIT 330 Shotgun Prolines (impedence-matched) from my SF line 3 to Classe 300 and it is smooth as silk. I've tried Kimber, NBS, Transparent, Audioquest and nothing comes close to the transparency and detail. Don't take my word for it, listen for yourself. I think that there's a cable site that will allow you to audition cables for a risk-free 30 days. Maybe, someone has the address.
I have a Stealth cross-wrapped ribbon (using a new superfine silver ribbon) 10' long, balanced, and I can press my ear against a speaker, even on phone, and not be able to tell whether the system is on. Super quiet! You'll love it, but if you don't, it carries a 30-day money-back guarantee. If isn't available, [email protected] will tell you about it.
Audioquest Anaconda XLR is the best I've had so far on my Krell pre and amp.
Delta Labs SR7. It has 7 strands of pure 22 guage silver with Neutrik Studio XLR connectors. It has a unique braiding design.Sounds great.They are a small manufacturer out of Stockton, California.Great guys to work with!!
Dk, you're full of bull, and you know it dude!!
Analysis Plus Copper-In XLRs. Warm and clear w/o the overt coloration of Transparent and MIT. Good stuff.
I have a Krell amp, and the MIT 330 Shotgun Proline is extremely good. I welcome all naysayers to come visit my system.