Good way to raise VPI SAMA

I have just purchased the VPI SAMA (stand-alone motor assembly) to use on my old -- but excellent -- HW-19 Mk4. However, about a year ago I added 4 short rubber feet on the TT base with the aluminum cone feet used on the Scoutmaster, etc.

The cone feet raise the TT base about an inch, so I need to elevate the SAMA so the capstan is at the correct height for the belt to drive the platter. I was thinking of using a small, flat chunk of granite or marble, and secure it using Blu-Tak (or something similar). It will be sitting on a 1/2" acrylic slab, which is fairly slick.

Suggestions welcome.
HOw about a black diamond puck that is about the same size as the base of the SAMA?
Couple suggestions: hockey puck(s), regular or "practice" (the latter are softer). The stuff called Isoblocks by Mapleshade (cork sandwiched between two pieces of ribbed rubber), available from various sources. Or enough layers of mousepad, trimmed to size, to do the trick. Good luck, Dave
I think steve's black diamond racing idea is a good one. I have their scout kit and it dramatically improved low level resolution and treble clarity in my system.
Hi Scott

I don't know if this is practical for your setup, but this is what I have done, and it has some obvious advantages. I use a wall mounted Target TT stand, but even if you have a floor standing rack, this might work:

I installed a metal wall-mounting monitor speaker stand on the wall, right next to my HW19 MKIV, at just the correct height, to function as a SAMA stand. You have to install it close to the turntable, but by using a longer TNT belt (available from VPI), one can make it work. The advantages are that you can set the SAMA at precisely the height that you require, and most importantly, the SAMA is isolated from the turntable to a much greater degree than by situating it in the usual place, on the same surface as the turntable. I achieved even greater noise floor reduction by doing this. Highly recommended.

Good luck.
Thanks for the ideas, guys. I'll check each of them out to see which ones might work best.
I was using BDR pyramid cones under my HW MKlll, so when I got my SAMA I also had to figure out a way to raise it without resorting to adjusting the little rubber feet it came with. I removed those feet and used a left over set of Herbies tenderfoots under the SAMA but still had to raise it another 3/8 inch using a piece of 4" x 4" square of floor tile. The belt is dead center on the Platter now. The SAMA is a great upgrade.
What type of platter are you using on your table. I ask because I'd like to upgrade mine and someone is selling a TNT ll platter with the heavier springs.
Don't think this has the inverted bearing though. I'm a bit wary of buying the 1.5 " all acrylic Scout platter, though it does have the inverted bearing. What's your opinion on this?
Thanks and good luck with your SAMA,
Opal: I have the older TNT acrylic and lead platter with the standard bearing. I substituted the Sorbothane pucks (used on the last Mk4 tables produced) for the springs, and am pleased with the change. The acrylic and lead platter weighs about 20 pounds, and it yields a very quiet background.