good vintage tuner

I want to buy a tuner and think it would be fun to own a vintage tube unit. I see tuners by HH Scott and Fisher on ebay for $200-$300. How good are these tuners and which are the best models to look for. Would like to keep it under $500
If you can find replacement tubes - get one. Scotts are great. Dont disregard some of the vintage Solid states Most of them by far surpass the old tube tuners - good luck
Accuphase 100 350-$500
Luxman t110 200-250.00
Tandberg 3001a 475-750
mac mr-71 tube tuner 500+
I have a great 1962 hh scott 350b that I picked up for $70. look at for detailed information on their vitage gear.
Dynaco made tube tuners, and I think they were supposed to be decent...I think.
DYNACOS are alot of jive hype - Grainy & dull. Not hardly as smooth as Scott & Fisher. Macs aren't worth the money
Onkyo T-9 or late 70s early 80s Yamahas were very detailed and created soundstage with all discrete componentry and very good power supplyies.
Any of the Harmon-Kardon "Ovation" series.