Good value upgrade from PSB STRATUS GOLDS to ?

The upgrade bug is beginning to Bite. Can anyone suggest a good value replacement for the stratus golds. I listen to mostly to smooth jazz and classic rock. My listening room is fairly large at 27 by 18 feet with a vaulted ceiling. I would hope to retain my existing components. Bryston 4bst, Rogue 66 Magnum preamp, Msb dac with p1000 PS, etc. Would appreciate anyones thoughts.

I used to have Stratus Golds. I thought they were not only beautiful,but sounded great. I now have Martin Logan Ascents. I have never heard more detail,the soundstage is enormous,and the imaging is incredible. I really really liked my Stratus Golds,but the Ascents are much better. I've seen them used on A-Gon for less than 3K a pair(4250.00 retail) Good luck-Martin Logan's aren't for everybody,but give them a try I think you'll be amazed.
I went from the Stratus Golds to the Legacy Focus 20/20s which retail for $6400. Perhaps a bit beyond your budget, but IMO worth the $5200 I paid new for them.
I also went from the Goldi's to the Legacy Focus 20/20's which is a considerable upgrade over the Goldi's. Since the 20/20's I've moved onto Tyler - Linbrook Signature System and haven't looked back.
Alan, I will view this thread with interest and hope you get a lot of good suggestions. I will not forward one because I am not strictly familiar with your other equipment.

I understand your dilemna, though. I started with a pair of Goldi's and still have them in my separate HT system. You can look long and hard and not find better speakers at even twice the used price. If budget is really an issue, contact member "Trelja" and inquiry about upgrading the XO's and tweets in the Goldi's. Dramatic improvement and it takes them to yet another value-laden level.
I also went from the Gold i to the ML Ascents; a serious upgrade indeed. Still have them in my HT system; they're just too good to sell; tremendous sound and exceptional value. PSB makes great products, and prices them in the real world. they're kind of the meat and potatoes of HI FI, along with Bryston, another great Canadian company.
I have similar size of listening room and went from the Stratus Golds to Dunlavy SC-4, if you can handle their size!
I appreciate everyone's response.

Would someone care to comment on any of the following..

1: The difference between the Legacy Focus, and the Focus 20 20? It seems that the Focus 20 20 goes for quite a bit more $$.

2: What difference is there between the Dunlavy SC-IV and the SC-IVA; and what are the diminsions of these cabinets?

3: Which of these would you consider the better upgrade value, and why? (Dunlavy SC-IV or the Legacy Focus)
It'll be interested to see the comparison among these 3.
SC-4 now can be found around $2500, very good value. However they are heavy, ~185lbs/each and tall, 70in.

Alan, one thing I'm sure is that no matter which one of the three you pick, your amp can not drive them to the full potential. Happy hunting !
You mentioned that you had upgraded from the PSB golds to the Dunlavy SC-4. Did you find the SC4'S noticably less efficient than the golds? Also could I ask what you are currently using to power your SC4S?
Not efficiency issue. On the contrary, SC-4 is more efficient than Gold. What I meaned is you need a decent amp to realize how good they are. My amp is Aleph 2, the best ss amp to my limited knowledge.
Timo, or anyone who would care to share their purchase experience,

You mentioned that you purchased your Focus 20/20 s at $5200. This is more that I intended to spend, and was hoping to possibly locate used. Did you negotiate this $5200 price from via mail order or from a local dealer. I live in St. Louis, Mo. and Legacy does not have a dealer here to audition or to purchase. Currently there are not any listed for sale in my area as well. Also what are your thoughts on using my current Bryston 4bst amp and Rogue preamp with the Focus'...Thanks
hello guys, I would like to add that the Golds, while their sound stage is very nice, are very inefficient speakers. By way of example, I also own B&W 603's, Cerwin Vega's DX-9's (very loud), And Legacy Focus (I love the Focus') and the PSB's required 2 times the power as any of the previous to equal the SPL. If you do not listen to you music at very Hi levels then Go for them, but a speaker of this size should have a much higher SPL IMO. :)
One other thing, as for power- I have several:

Proton D-1200 (1500wpc transients, 7.3db HR)
Parasound HCA-3500 (350wpc)
2-AB International 1100A's (bridged) (1300wpc)
2-QSC RX-1400's (bridged) (800wpc)

The above amplifiers will drive any speaker, very easily- even low ohm appogees, maggies, and modern day 1ohm subs.

I do not mean to bad mouth the PSB's, I just do not want to see some one purchase a $3K speaker and expect volume levels beyond the 86/89db norm. My brother took his back for this very reason.

Hope this helps.
what is a good amp to drive them? i have a 250wpc carver,and a 350 wpc carver, quad tube pre-amp, modded jolida cd player (best bang for the buck..) and am wondering if a hybrid tube, or monos would be the way to go...
Adcom GFA-565 Monoblocks with musical concepts LX and platinum upgrades is what I use. The only thing better is the Krell 250
Big Spendor SP 1/2's. There was a review at and reviewer thought they were great in big room.