Good Value & Performance FLEXIBLE Power Cable?

I must wall mount my gear now, due to a wierd floor.
What I NEED is some ideas for good quality power cables that aren't as uncooperative as a pissed off python. No offense intended to any pythons that may be reading this.

I have had good experience with the Audience Cables that I am using now, however I realize that there may be a new kid in town with regard to high performance/low cost power cables, what I must have is a power cable that doesn't need 8" straight out of the IEC recepticle to make a right angle.

Thanks to all who respond.
What price range? New or used?
Some manufacturers will offer a right angle plug. I used to have one by Voodoo Cable. Otherwise Blue Circle is quite flexible and I use one with my B&K.
Any PS Audio product.
Second the BC's.
Michael Wolff Source or Gain will do it.
TG Audio SLVRS, for around 300 used are the best I have found...RIP Bob C, you were & still are the man
TG audio HSR or slvr would be good choices. Silent Source is outstanding as well. Looks like you have a lot of options now.
I am very pleased with the Audio Metallurgy pc's found here on Audiogon. Clearer than a shunyata Black Momba and tight. They have a remarkable pacing like that of the Custom Power Cable Co, models (forget them they're a bear, please no pissed off bears). However I think they have a much better tonal balance than the CPC's.
Did you like the Audience stick with what you like although they have some python qualities not really bad but some if you want some competent cables that cost very little try the magic from Signal. You can experiment with really basicstuff also the "absolute" cable has great connectors from GTT audio and cost only $50 or so. They are very good, for what they sre the connectors grip like very high quality cables. BTW I have the AU Audience also they are nice.
New or used, I would like to spend under $300.

Any other ideas?
These are all good suggestions. Two more suggestion are the offerings from Z-Squared and the Supra LoRad.

Frankly, though, I don't think any aftermarket cord in the $300 range can beat the $7.00 Volex 17604 available at The Volex 17604 is a 14 gauge, shielded power cord that I use in my system along with Purist Audio Dominus, Elrod EPS3 Signature, and Ridge Street Poiema!!! power cords.

Really, try it. For $7.00 what do you have to lose?
Shunyata's (Power Snakes) new power cable, the Venom. It is a nice power cable and it is price reasonably.
What about some of the UL approved cables that have trickled forth lately?
Thanks again for the help so far
Check DCCA's power cables out. Last year the cables were thick, heavy and unwieldy. This year, Don is making his cables lighter and really flexible such that trying to position the cables is no longer a challenge. His budget power cable, the PowerWave 2, is an extremely good, high quality cable, and they only get better from there.
i'm not an expert on power cables, but for $225 retail (you can get them for less) Dimarzio cables are very well made and flexible as well. i could be imagining this, but i substituted a dimarzio for an early-vintage transparent cord on my preamp, and the sound seemed to get smoother with a top end which was less harsh/bright. check out their web site for
a picture- if you call them they can sell direct or give you the name of a retail outlet that will give you a great deal.
the cheapskate in me bought two more.
Victor @ Audio Horizons is also a very good dealer that will help you find the cord that you need. Their Transparency Power Cord kicks butt!
The latest versions of the Audio Horizons power cords are very flexible, comparatively inexpensive, and deliver excellent performance.
I have been using the TG SLVRs (copper) and Pure Note Paragon. The Paragon is especially flexible and silver ribbon for less money ($250). Both cords are great.