Good Value Component Video Cable?

I need about a 12' component video cable for the HT setup for interconnect between DVD and TV. Can an excellent cable be had for under $50?

I just got a Megular cable by Zucable and so far it is amazing! it is more then you are looking to spend but if you can swing it I am sure you will not be dissapointed. ~Tim
Suggest you go to ebay and do a search for Canare cable.
Check out the following link:
I second the Megular from Zu Cable. Amazing color saturation,clarity, and I'm sure Adam will work you a good deal for longer lengths.
Radio Shack is what I use (cooked on a Mobie).
Three times on the Megular!!!

The best bang for your buck is, Acoustic Zen Photon component cable.I spoke to David Schiavone of Acoustic Zen,He said that they just received an award in Hong Kong Hi Fi magazine on the Photon Componet.It was given the best buy of the year award.I personally own this cable and think is is amazing.
Make that FOUR times on the Zu Megular. Better by a long shot over a $200 Monster Silver Video and a BetterCables Ultra (Canare).
A very impressive video cable.

Anyone use any of the IXOS cables??