Good value arm with high quality internal wire

Can anyone here recommend a tonearm which has the following properties:
1. stiff
2. low resonating
3. very good internal wire
4. Good VFM

I ask this on the basis that I need a new arm for my Townshend Elite Rock
I have an Audiomods Series Six on a Brinkmann Bardo table, Not sure it would be able to accept the damping paddle for the Townshend trough though. 

Maybe a Kuzma would do the job. 
The Kuzma Stogi or Stogi Reference will work on the Rock, as their headshells are flat. The higher priced Kuzma, with their reinforced headshells, won't. I think the Audiomods arm's headshell will also work, but check with the arm's maker for verification.
I know audiomods wont fit - spoke to jeff already. Unfortunately a reed, ikeda or kuzma are very expensive and don't fit my question - good value meaning cheap - sub $1000. So as you are aware i do have a Mission/jelco already - if u understand the trough it largely takes the arm out of the equation hence the original question
have u ever had the brinkmann arm? How does it compare to the audiomods arm?
The best value is Victor UA-7045 and long 7082 (in you can find one with perfect counterweight rubber grommet), Denon DA-401, Sony PU-7 ... for slightly over $1k Technics EPA-100 or Lustre GST-801