Good value arm with high quality internal wire

Can anyone here recommend a tonearm which has the following properties:
1. stiff
2. low resonating
3. very good internal wire
4. Good VFM

I ask this on the basis that I need a new arm for my Townshend Elite Rock

Hey, we own the same table. I would take a look at the new Series Six arm by Audiomods in England. Carbon fiber arm tube, ceramic bearings, uninterrupted run of silver wire from cartridge tags to KLEI RCA plugs, variable-mass counterweight, azimuth adjustment, micrometer VTA. Reasonably priced at 985BPS.

If you want an arm that is well known to be a beautiful pairing with the Rock Elite, you can look for a Zeta (that's what's on my Rock), then send it to Johnnie at Audio Origami in the UK for rewiring. He knows the arm well, and offers a variety of silver wire, as well as Cardas copper. The metal arm plate that came with the Elite is even drilled appropriately for the Zeta!

I have an Audiomods Series Six on a Brinkmann Bardo table, Not sure it would be able to accept the damping paddle for the Townshend trough though. 

Maybe a Kuzma would do the job.