Good value arm with high quality internal wire

Can anyone here recommend a tonearm which has the following properties:
1. stiff
2. low resonating
3. very good internal wire
4. Good VFM

I ask this on the basis that I need a new arm for my Townshend Elite Rock

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I have an Audiomods Series Six on a Brinkmann Bardo table, Not sure it would be able to accept the damping paddle for the Townshend trough though. 

Maybe a Kuzma would do the job. 

Sorry, the table I bought came from the second hand market was not offered with the Brinkmann arm. I cannot make that comparison for you. 
When I had my Rock III I used an modified Rega RB 251 on it. The Audiomods Classic III has the same head shell and arm length as the Rega and would work. Not sure about the Elite, but my version of the Townshend table would only take a 9 inch arm. Perhaps Origin Live would be a good option for you also.