Good used record shops in London?

I'll be heading to London for a short business trip. I would love to take a look in some of the record shops over there, hopefully purchase a few. Any recommendations? Interested in classical. Tks!

can't remember the name, but its in the notting hill area...maybe someone can chime in and used records cost more than tv's, but its a great shop and the farmers market in the same area on the weekends is pretty darn cool.
Might want to check newspaper or other internet sights for people getting rid of their collection for CDs - I had a chance of buying someone's entire classical collection for a song - if you are into classical music that is.
Berwick St. is where you need to go. That's what Jaybo is referring to.
Numerous shops w/both new & used vinyl. Google it and you'll easily find them all. Vinyl Junkies and Reckless are two of the best from what I recall. Cheers,
Buy (or consult) the latest issue of the British classical music magazine Gramophone. The last pages have several addresses of used music stores in London.