Good used receiver for bedroom. Denon? Marantz?

Good day. I need a basic receiver for my bedroom to drive inwall speakers. My listening is mostly music. My two requirements are good power and HDMI switching that can convert from an analog source (component-->HDMI).

As much as i'd like to run out and buy a $400 latest denon/sony/onkyo unit i'm thinking i can get a much better used model with a better power supply. I dont need the latest decoding but i suppose it'd be nice for down the road.

My budget is ~$400.

Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance.
as i've previously opined, there's little cost-effective difference between the similarly-positioned onkyo/marantz/pio/denon and other mass market avrs; if forced to choose within your budget, i'd opt for yamaha, which to my ears sounds less "processed" and more natural for music, or harman kardon, which has the most robust amp section and doesn't overhype their power specs. amazon has a new yam v565l for $330 or so which'll fit your needs; alternatively, accessories4less has good discounts on new marantz and onkyo and marantz units which do essentially the same thing.
Thanks for the reply. No experience with Yamaha. I've had Denon and was pleased with the quality/price.

I'm reading lots of good things about the Pioneer VSX-1019AH.

I think the transformer/power is my number one concern. I'll read about HK.
No, look into the onkyo tx-sr307. I recently purchased this unit as a refurb for $160 from the accessories4less outfit. I also use this in a bedroom system. It has three HDMI in's. Please with the sound, great value.
Wait for an Onkyo or Integra to come up used and jump on it - they typically get excellent AV reviews, and the sound for 2 channel is quite good.

Everything I buy from Yamaha breaks.

At the price point you're thinking about, find something used that will fit the bill in features and just get it - I don't think there's enough of a difference to get too worked up about.
Friend of mine is using the Outlaw 2150 Receiver. Has all the features you want and then some and sounds damn good to boot. Might be able to pick us used near your price point. Check it out, no dissapointments with this and will knock the crap out of the othere mentioned in this thread. This is a 2 channel receiver at 100 wrms per side into 8 ohms and 160 wrms into 4 ohms. For a receiver I am impressed big time. Also in my stash is a Outlaw 1050 receiver 5 channel that can be configured for 2,3,4 or 5 channel if interested.
This is hardly fair to say but after I was able to audition the Denon/Marantz Arcam, and Integra at one location the Arcam edged out the Integra. To pay that much for a receiver was hard to swallow and since the Integra had more usable features it became a no brainer.

The Integra has been replaced by a Pioneer SC-07 which IMO betters the enjoyable Integra by a large margin. Aside from all the up to date features the Pioneer's amplifier section doesn't get congested when pushed. Keep in mind that the Pioneer has switching amplifiers so it has extremely efficient multiple power supplies and proprietary room correction which works very well.

Even though it's going in your bedroom I wouldn't spend a dime on a 5.1 receiver. Current matrixing software and HDMI found in most 7.1 mid-fi receivers simply does a better job with surround processing.