Good use for DAC

Most, or at least many, Audiogonites have multiple systems. Even casual systems are quite good.
But, I am not so lucky being both space and $$$ constrained.

So, I tried an experiment.
I hooked the optical out from my DishNetwork receiver to the input of my CA840c.
This turned out to be a REAL good move. The CA easily bests the no-name electronics of the dish receiver. I also, at that time, changed some of the setup options on the receiver. Output is now PCM only and I changed to 'Line' from 'RF', which is code for no more compression. The compression is good late at night when you are trying to keep it down. I also disabled volume leveling, just in case.
The result?
Way better TV sound. movies r OK, but XM is now v. listenable.

Above is link to brief article about the system/code Sirius uses for compression.
I'm sure that AT MINIMUM the sound is better than MP3-320.

Now, if I could get the 840c to play well with my AirPort Express, I'd be done with it...until I went to get rid of my upsampling DVD player for a '83.