Good USB DAC for Desktop use around $100-$250?

Hello Everyone.

I currently have a Creative EMU 0204 DAC/Head amp hooked to my PC and Aktimate Maxi powered speakers for desktop use.

I am looking for a DAC in the price range from $100-250 to replace my EMU. There are just so many of them around that i dont know which one to go for. Very confused.
I have simple requirements. I need only a DAC, not a headphone amp. But something that is better than my EMU 0204.
I would like something that accepts input from USB type B, as i just got a Supra USB A to B cable and i like it a lot.

Top of the table currently looks like Schiit Modi or HRT MS2. I dont know how of an improvement would they be over EMU?
I have read good things about ODAC but its only available with Mini-USB input? if someone knows a version with USB type B, let me know.

I am not partial to any particular brand, even a good chinese Dac would be great. Please give me some suggestions. Much appreciated.
A used Musical Fidelity VDAC or VDAC II would be a good bet and both have the USB type B connector.

At the less expensive end, the Audioengine D1 is a good value. It does have a headphone amp built in and I don't know how it would compare with your EMU DAC.

I've had a couple of Chinese DACs, from Valab and Aune. I didn't care for the Valab - it had a slight hum, ran very hot and didn't sound great in my system. The Aune was much better built and sounded good at the price. Again, I don't have any way to compare to your current DAC.
Thanks for your response.

Aune t1 is something i am looking at as well.
Would a V-dac be better than a schiit modi/HRT?
Sorry, I don't have any experience with the Schiit DACs. They have very good reviews and I doubt you could go wrong with one but I can't make a guess about the quality relative to the Aune or the VDAC.

I've been very happy with the VDAC I in an office system. One of my friends bought one based on my recommendation as an upgrade to a a well-regarded universal player and was shocked at how much better the sound was. But DAC technology is moving so quickly I think you just have to jump in and give something a try. No easy or definitive answers to your question.
Schiit dac is pretty close sounding to the ODAC. Just to give you an idea on how it sounds :)
MwTech recently announced a new hiFace DAC. I have not seen much about it, but you might want to take a look. $295, but Type A USB. Goes up to 32/384 in case your dog also listens to music :)

I like my HRT Streamer 2 for my office system, but have not compared it to DACS like the Schitts.