Good upsampling DAC w. HDMI

I'm looking for a good dac to run my Verizon Fios box through and into a 2-channel preamp via HDMI cable. I'd like to spend under $3,000. Suggestions would be most welcome.
I'm not aware of any external DACs that have HDMI inputs. It would have to be a multichannel DAC. I recently suggested this as a future product for Benchmark Media.

If your cable box has a normal 2-channel digital output (coax or optical) then any external DAC will work. You'll use the HDMI output for video only.
I, too, do not know of any HDMI DAC at the moment. However, it would not have to be a multichannel DAC as HDMI can handle stereo and the sending device will autosense that.

Berkley Audio's Alpha DAC has BADA encrypted input which does allow for future support of HDMI (whatever that means). I think it may be a bit above your price point though.
I have the Classe SSP 800 and it imputes Fios HDMI quite well.
Kal, I thought it wouldn't make much sense to have a 2-channel HDMI DAC, since most sources using HDMI are multichannel. But a 2-channel version would keep the cost down.

Could you explain this fragment from your comment above: "...and the sending device will autosense that."

It sounds like you're saying that there is some communication between the sender and receiver and the sender learns the capabilities of the receiver and adjusts accordingly. I assumed that the receiver would simply ignore or remix the channels it couldn't support.
When HDMI connections are made, there is a handshaking procedure that involves the exchange of EDIDs in which each device identifies itself and its capabilities. It is used for many things like copy-protection but also to insure that the video and audio formats are acceptable to the receiver. That includes the number of channels. As an example, if you connect a player that can output DSD (from an SACD) to a receiver or processor that cannot decode DSD, the player will decode it and send as PCM. Pretty neat.

Thanks Kal! BTW, I really appreciate you taking the time to post here.
PS Audio has been showing their new Ultra DAC in conjunction with their PerfectWave Transport connected via HDMI. In this instance, it is sending I2S data only. I don't know if the input is capable of accepting other formats, but its worth an inquiry. I've heard the DAC at a couple of shows and it is a killer sounding unit right about your price range.

How does the new PS Audio stack compare to high end players like an Esoteric X03 or something in that range?