Good upgrade from Levinson 33H's

I have been reading discussions on here and in audio reviews, looking for a good upgrade from my Levinson 33H's. First off, these are the best amps I have heard, but I have not heard many of the new wonder amps discussed on many threads here. I am running all Stealth cable, with the Genesis 4 tower the amp I choose to upgrade to, will be running only my Mids / Tweeters. Some, but not all, that I have interest in are, BAT, Joule, Lamm, MBL,CAT,Atma-sphere, Soulution......generally the usual suspects. Each seems to have it's good and bad points, or rather, supporters and critiques, probably depending on many occassions to what supporting equipment people may be using. I guess the bottom line here for me is, which amps in this list or not, would be a substantial upgrade from my Levinson 33H's.......I don't want a lateral move! To all those that will have to audition....and what do you like or what are you looking for....yes of course. However, without traveling the continent to audition them all in someone elses system, what should my short list be? Thanks in advance for sharing your experiences.
Andy Payor from Rockport owns the 33H's. He said the Gryphon's (Antileon Signature or Colosseum) are better in every way by a a very big margin. It's pure class A as well and doubles its power all the way to 1ohm. I suspect the Pass XA.5 are supremely good too, but not sure how much power they put out below 4ohms as they do not state it in the specs and don't really want to say anything over the phone. Then again, with XA 160.x5 or 200.5 it probably doesn't matter if it keeps doubling below 4ohms.

33H's are legendary and I agree with a lot of the above posts where you don't need to upgrade unless you really find the next gem.
Thanks Changster, I have looked at the Gryphons, big bucks! The feedback I'm getting from all the valued input of others, bassed on their experience, is telling me I do not need to race out and find something.........the 33H is still world class. That's good to hear......I can take my time move on only if something blows me away. Right now I think I'm going to concentrate on things like upgrading my power to them, ie., a 20Amp service instead of 15, some better receptacles, vibrations helpers, etc.
I agree with Rtn1 you have not even begun to hear what your system is capable of. I was in a similar dilemma about a year ago and I discovered that that the Troy made a much more significant improvement than any electronics upgrade could in my system. The full potential of your equipment wil be realized. It is worth evry penny!!!
Improving your environment can add greatly to your sound quality. I just added two 20 amp circuits for my power amps using 10gauge with ground wire. The difference is large. I have blacker back ground and smoother definition. I also have moved my dryer to gas from electric. On Wednesday the plumber is going to switch my hot water heater from electric to gas. My electric hot water pulls 9000 watts. My furnace, stove and oven are already gas. I will only be left with AC on electric and normal house stuff. When I am done there will not be a lot of competition for amps.
Moving your amps to 10gague wire and 20 amps circuits will improve your sound immensely. Let us know after itÂ’s done what the effects are.

Have you ever considered the Vitus amps? They are pure class A as well. I'm not sure if they have a big following in the US. Perhaps not that many dealers around. I found the Vitus way more analog sounding then the 33H. The transistor sound was gone.

But like other people say, upgrading other none equipment things like acoustics can make a massive difference. It's the area where I really need to look into making the changes.