Good tweaking tools to share

I share some tweaking tools with my friends because they are very expensive, seldom use them, but are essental to have periodic maintaince. or tweaking. Some of my examples are a Wind's stylist gauge, TT speed strobe, Fluxbuster, and a Mobie and others. Do you do this on certain items, what are those and their purpose?
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Aestetix Benz cartridge demagnetizer--is it a tweak or just good cartridge maintenance?
I own the Winds stylus gauge ( one hundreds of one gram model) , the KAB quartz strobe and turntable mat, Audioquest phono cartridge de mag, Gryphon's Exorcist, Discwasher anti static gun, LP #9 stylus cleaner, Decca record brush, a machinist (brass) bubble level, a phono cartridge torque wrench (for head shell screws), and several cans of compressed air. All of these solve a problem, aid in preserving and maintaining the system or just make life cleaner and easier.
I have to admit to not being much of a tweeker.My must haves for tuning tho include a Wallytractor and magnifying loupe for cartridge alignment, a Mana bubble level, a few assorted cone devices for fine tuning a components voice(no isomer blobs or damping devices at all),kept 3 of my favorite models of IC's(again for voicing), a small mixture of power cords, some Quietlines and AC Enacoms and my trusty 15 year old,noisey as a jumbojet, VPI HW16 cleaning machine.
Now of course I have about 18-20 different equipment racks and another 35-40 or so misc. makes and models of isolation devices(platforms mostly) which serve to support floor lamps(Brightstars),display plants(Seismic Sinks), the old vcr(Torlyte)but mostly fill up shop, garage and closet space

Albert the torque wrenches is a good idea - I like it. We have the same Winds Stylist Gauge (0.000): $700. Don't buy anything else. This is it and it's perfect for sharing on the costs. This is a must have for any serious analog person or friends. Agree on the KAB Speed Strobe: $90 The Mobie cable burn in/re-stabilization device $700? Get one. Clears up cable grunge like nothing else - once a month is enough. What about recommendations for good tube testers?
Abstrack7 Yes, several of tools listed are for basically good system maintaince. There is a obsessive part of me puts timely maintaince as a necessary otimization tweak, but you are 100% right.
Gerrym - Did you really pay $ 700 for you Mobie? I thought they went for $ 250 or so!
The most important and most clearly audible system "tweak" is not really a tweak, but getting the A/C electrical polarity to all your components correct. When its backwards, a startaling loss of resolution occurs as well as soundstage losses. More aggressive component behavior is also a byproduct. A product called the NAMIKI direction finder, years ago, was available for this purpose, but I am not sure if there is a modern equivalent. Many power cords do not have a ground pin to establish automatic correct polarity. There have been cases though, where it has been wired wrong inside the unit.
Alexc. No I didn't pay $700, just my poor Mobie price memory while I was at work on the phone. Your right about $250 from Music Direct. I also have the NAMIKI direction finder. These all seem to be getting right tools or maintaince.
Gerrym- Good! BTW, rumour has it that Mobie production has/will stop. Apparently priced too low to turn a profit. Not sure if MD has any stock. Delivery times were quite long late last year when I looked into buying one.