Good turntable needed, need recomendations.

I am not a vinyl guy but want to become one I have a pair of Vandersteen Sevens coming in and want a source to match. With speaking with my dealer he recommended a Basis turntable. Everything I read states they are good and the vacuum system is the way to go. This puts me into a 20K table though. I am thinking that is just too much money for what I see there.

My problem also is that although the basis tables look nice they all looks like a 3K table, unless you go to the insane models.

So I really think 15K on the top end is my budget I rather be around 10k. But really want something I will like to look at as well.

Part of my issue is being an amateur machinist and a wood worker a piece of cnc plexi glass for thousands of dollars just doesn’t excite me.

Any recommendations, or is the Basis the way to go, thanks in advance for you input.
Want a very nice Linn Sondek 12 for about 1/4 the price? Let me know. I have 2 of them. There's no need to spend as much as you think. Good luck either way.
If you are not a "vinyl guy" why would you even consider putting that much into a table? If money is no object, good for you.

There are excellent tables, new or used, for much, much less that will compete with the uber-expensive tables.

Buy something that is not a major investment, but good, and live with it to be sure vinyl is for you. If you want audio jewelry that's ok but realize that's what it is.

Good luck,

Wendell has it 100% correct - if you think you want to get into vinyl, buy a good, used TT and then, if you decide vinyl really is for you, trade up.
This is also going into an area that is my demo room for HT and whole house audio so I want it to not look like it is out of the 70' but by no means do I want to buy just audio jewelry. Also it will be one of the only things besides my mono blocks that are not in a in wall built in rack so I need it to look nice as well since it will stand out. I have no issue how the Basis looks a couple dim blue led's behind it it will look great. I want something that will generate intrest as well, who knows I may even wind up selling a few tables but that won't happen unless I have something impressive.

Point me in the direction of good used tables. Price is of course an object or else I woud have a Basis work of art.