Good tube tech in Milwaukee, WI?

Anybody have a recommendation?

I just finished my Audio Note Kits phono pre and, despite having built two other AN kits that worked beautifully, this one has a dead channel and I can't find the problem and am short on time.

I can send it up to Brian but thought I might try a local pro first. I have the schematic so this is probably a one-hour job for a good guy.
Electronic Engineers in Chicago may be a relatively close option. I have used them for repairs on recommendation and they know what they're doing.
I have used Audio Ventures of Waukesha, WI ( to great satisfaction for both tube monoblock repair and speaker re-building. I am also familiar with other audio nuts who have used them and been very satisfied, including a manufacturer who brought his personal equipment to them.
I am going to check out Audio Ventures - thx!

(I'd rather just send it off to CA rather than drive to Chi/Madison...)
Agree Audio Ventures in Waukesha WI is two guys who are just really into classic audio gear. They are good at what they do. I have visited the several times and the do excellent work.
Had no idea you were in the area, Elizabeth. Have read many of your posts in analog.

Unfortunately Waukesha is as far away from me as possible whilst still qualifying as "Milwaukee", it is a 48m drive.
You may want to try this Audiogon member who is in Milwaukee.

Thanks - Bob took a look at my phono pre and found one of the AN caps was bad. It's playing now and sounding amazingly good.

I highly recommend Bob's work! He was able to take a look at it basically immediately and fixed it for a very modest cost.