Good Tube Pre with Remote, ~$1000 or less

Looking for a good tube pre, new preferred but used ok. Not looking for a deep tube sound, but enough to complement a neutral-ish SS amp. A remote is preferred. Single-ended inputs but if balanced are there too, all the better.

The Brown Audio Labs pre looks ok and gets a good review, but alas, no remote as of yet.

Any others?


Not much out there.... these are both decent... Chinese.

I would look for a used Doge 8.
There is a Rogue Audio Metis listed here for $850. It has all the features you are looking for!
The Metis would be a good option and has phonostage.

Might also consider a used Jolida Fusion if one comes available. No phonostage.

Another option, new from Audio Advisor is the Vincent 31 at $700. It is a tube/SS design.

Also check out Quicksilver audio. I believe they offer a tube pre at $1000. Made in USA.
I'm selling my Lector tube preamp on Agon at a give away price. Take a look at the reviews. Outstanding value for very hi quality.
Research Dared

Think about another $500.00 and things really open up in the used market and know that the base of any system really starts with the preamp. Good luck and happy listening.

For a few hundred more I would suggest a Modwright LS9.9se.
S/B 9.0,not 9.9
Yeah that Mod wright came to mind and a factory certified Audible Illusions as well, there is a dealer in San Antonio that advertises here for the Modulas, and have seen a few nice Mod wright 9s here for sale recently.

I love my Modwright pre and will never sell it. Beautiful sound. Not very "Tubey". Remote. I have talked with Dan on the phone. Great guy. Honest and informative. 
I would look into a preowned Audible Illusions preamp that might fit your budget from flea-bay. I personally own an Atma-Sphere MP-3 and can't speak highly enough about it.
ModWright SWL 9.0 SE, Sonic Frontiers Line 1 and ARC LS15. The LS15 is outside your budget, but still a great preamp for the money. Any of these pre's hold their value, so if you ever upgrade you won't lose anything.
Lots of great suggestions, thanks.
When researching used gear, I would recommend researching the manufacturer’s reputation for providing aftermarket support.

Some of the brands mentioned above (Jolida, Quicksilver, ModWright) seem to have very good reputations for reliability and support as well, based on what I’ve seen on the forums. At that price point, you can probably find a Manley Shrimp (I got one used and had Manley upgrade it. very good experience)

The stock Lector ZOE is a gorgeous sounding preamp (I bought one new) but after dealing with Lector and their N. American distributor (Hudson Audio Imports) for warranty repair, I will never buy from them again.
Audio Van Alstine. Solidly built, great sounding equipment at reasonable prices. Tubes and Solid State. 
There is forum on dedicated to the brand. 
Audio Mirror T61 is a great preamp.
I bought mine new for $1,000 directly from the manufacture a couple of years ago (read: call them and ask for a discount). 

Here is another good option that fits your budget:

There was a buzz last summer about BAL's SP-1B tube preamp. In particular the phono stage was reviewed as being good. Does anyone have some recent news? Have any of you even heard one?
(Used) VTL 2.5TL.......