Good tube integrated for Ohm Walsh 2-100s3

Have a pair of Ohm Walsh 2-100s3 speakers coming. Interested in what tube amps, integrated or seps might work well with this. Its a 4ohm load with I believe mid85-6 sensitivity. Have some good ideas on SS but keep reading this site and getting the tube bug but basically ignorant on the technology. Can I get high current from a tube amp? What would I be looking for used? Figure $2-3k is sweet spot.

I use the 122 wpc ARC VT130SE with my 100s. The combo works extremely well, but I actively cross to subs @ 80hz, so the ARC is relieved of the heavy lifting down low. I also briefly used a Pathos Classic One hybrid (run full range) with 100s. This also worked well, but the Classic One has a SS output stage. FWIW.

Good Luck.

If it were me, I'd steer towards a high current SS amp and tube pre-amp combo with the OHMs.

You might get this is a good hybrid integrated, but I think $$ per dollar you will do better with separates. That is because integrated amps often must compromise on how much juice they can deliver in the same box without inducing noise in close proximity to the pre-amp section, particularly if there is a low level phono section involved.

Separating amp and pre-amp physically avoids that problem completely. You can put distance between the high power transformers of a juicy power amp and the low level pre-amp ection that is inherently susceptible to noise via inductance.

For example, a Juicy Music Peach and Musical Fidelity A3CR was the lowest cost combo I considered. I ended up splurging for an ARC sp-16 to go with the A3CR instead and this is a very nice sounding combo.

If you must go tube power amp, I think the authority in the low end that the OHMs are capable of will suffer somewhat in general. Adding a sub as Martkl might be the remedy if it is a problem.