Good tube CD player beside AH & Heart ??

Any good tube CD player under $1000 ???
I am using Jolida amp, and Cabasse 4ohm skiff 302 !!
Audionote players are superb!
There should be a CJ tube cd player in that price range-my friend used to have one I believe it was a DV-1B or something like that(it was a while ago that he had it), but for the money it was a great player(he recently sold it for around a grand, so it would be worth looking into.

~Tim has a CJ dac on sale for 1200 (under "special promotions"). But you would need a transport. A nice unit.
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Take a look at the Anthem CD-1
The new Jolida tube upsampling cd player will soon be tested at the TNT website....they have it in house now so a review is to follow. I think it is selling around 900US...This may be interesting for you as you already have that brand in your system....
I have been reading about players from Cayin and QDS(Norh OEM) for around $500 that are suppose to be wonderful. But I personally have never heard either one.
I have the Cayin CDT-15A and I love it. :) $510 USD plus freight from China. The chinese factory also makes Audio Electronic Supply (AES) amps.

Jarthel....have you had a chance to compare the Cayin CDT-15A to any other players yet? Just wondering what level it compares to or with? AES is "good stuff"...good listening