Good tube amps to consider wit Spendor S5e

My system consists of Vishnu power cord, Benchmark DAC1, VTL 2.5 Pre, Bryston 3B ST Amp and Spendor S5e speakers. I would like to explore the benefits of upgrading to a tube amp.

I have looked into the Unison Research P30K, but have some reservations about it's compatability with the Spendors. I read that for Single Ended Triode amps I should stick to 93+ dB/1W/1m sensitivity and impedance of 8+ ohms nominal and no dips below 6 ohms minimum.

My Spendors are at 87 dB nominal, 8 ohms nominal and 4.4 ohms minimum.

Are there SET amps that would match well with my Spendors in the $2-3K price range.
Check out the Balanced Audio Technology VK-55.
Thanks for the response Dedicatedaudio. Is the vk-55 a single-ended triode amplifier?
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If your S5e's are anything close to my 1/2e's then you're going to need a bit more power based on the size of your listening room and your listening position. I was using a 50 watt tube amp that did a nice job with my speakers, but it wasn't until I went over the 100 watt threshold that I could really appreciate them. I own a Music Reference RM-9 100 watt (tested close to 120 watts on Roger Modjeski's bench when I took it over to have it upgraded to a MkII) amp and TRL D-225 225 watt solid state amp and both work nicely with my speakers. The Music Reference is below your price range used and worth checking out.
Maybe a VTL 150. Check out their website. VTL claims they are a good alternative to SET's. They sell used for about $2,200.
I think you'll be very unhappy trying to use an SET amp with 87 dB efficiency speakers.....if anything I'd be thinking about trying an even more powerful SS amp, not a less powerful tube amp.....or else just stick with the 3Bst.....
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I agree with Clio09
ya need the power for these speakers to go
to their best.
I have tried many amps on them and
I was truly amazed what the Rogue 150 Mono blocks
did hooked up with Nordost wire.
Cheers johnnyr
Very useful and interesting input. Based on your feedback I've decided to start exploring higher wattage push-pull amps. Will have an opportunity to audition the VTL 150 at home in a week or so. Will let you know what comes out of it. Thanks.
There is more to this than just power output.You will probably need a higher damping factor which is almost beyond valve amps.I understand though that Supratek is developing a KT88 amp with a much higher damping factor[maybe as high as 200].It might pay to wait and see what comes from this.
I have owned and loved Spendor speakers but they are not easy to drive.